GWENT: The Witcher Card Video Game Beta review/ early impressions

After playing the video game GWENT, based on the card game from within the Witcher video game series,  for an extended period of time, I can sum it up in a brief review.

The game involves grinding to unlock cards or just buying them. Then you play them, but most strategy just goes out the window because once you have your "powerful" cards and do well with them you'll rank up to be facing people with access to the same cards. Depending on the faction deck a player chooses to use, there are really a bare minimum of strategies being deployed and one can guess exactly what their opponet is going to do before even the first card is laid out. Players will just play what they have seen others win with etc and therefore the game becomes a dull cycle of pointlessness.

The early stages of first playing were fun, trying to win with whatever you had against whatever the other player had. There was some adventure there. But, as you progress into the game that illusion goes away. I'm sure they'll release new cards, etc, but in the long run there seems that there will always be that same wall to run into in terms of actual brain usage needed vs just copy pasting your moves from the repetitive strategies you've had played against you. Your deck may not be prepared for every situation because you don't know what faction you will be facing off against, but for the most part once the game starts you can know whether you're going to have the right deck for facing your opponents moves.

The fun: the cards, sound effects, look and sound great. You can have fun building the decks.

The bad: more than not when playing against other knowledgable players it ends up being an over-glorified game of rock, paper, scissors.


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