Ding-Dong PTC Websites Are Dead For Paypal

Paid To Click websites have been decent casual earning websites for getting extra baseball card collection dough each month in my experience. But, that extra ten spot from such sites here and there has been brought to an end by Paypal for me.

I used to use a website called Clixsense, but they quit paying out via Paypal.  I moved on to Neobux and today, after reaching my payout, I clicked to be paid, and instead was directed to a message from them stating they could no longer pay folks via Paypal. They say Paypal will not let any PTC websites use their services anymore.

I am not looking to open a new payment processing account on some other website, one can only stomach having to use so many different accounts and different websites for every little thing in online life, yeesh.  Therefore, no more PTC websites for this fellow to generate spare card collecting moolah.


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