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Clive Barker's Nightbreed #1

Nightbreed is a CLive Barker movie that I enjoyed when I was younger. In the not too distant past they put together a new version of the movie with footage that had been edited out ala more of a director's cut. The old footage returned to the movie really did make a big difference in my opinion, for sure making the ending a better for me. It's an interesting movie to check out.

It's also a comic book series! Clive Barker's material has translated into comic books for some of his other tales as well; Hellraiser and such. Any way, here is a look at a Nightbreed Issue #1 that I currently have in my possession.

Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED issue #1 CGC graded 9.8 with White Pages - Boom! Studios 5/14

Topps Demands 600 HRs

Topps on demand is putting up a set of cards for sale this week that focuses on the 600 HR Club in baseball. I like the premise and yet the execution here is odd to me because their set features who are nowhere near 600 hrs such as:Cody Bellinger, Carlos Correa, etc.

I guess if you want to have fun with a crystal ball type of card and the players do reach 600 Hrs in their career then these make sense. However, there's a good chance they end up as silly as the ole Leaf Heading to the Hall set from the 90s that had the likes of Don Mattingly as a shoo-in. Okay, maybe Mattingly gets in one day as a manager or voted in by veteran committee of pity or something.

Here's the checklist for the 2017 Topps On Demand 600 Home Run Club

1-6 — Albert Pujols Career-defining Home Runs
7 — Hank Aaron (600 Home Run Club)
8 — Alex Rodriguez (600 Home Run Club)
9 — Jim Thome (600 Home Run Club)
10 — Giancarlo Stanton (Chasing 600)
11 — Kris Bryant (Chasing 600)
12 — Carlos Correa (Chasing 600)
13 — Mike…

Underwinter Comic Series 1-4 With Variants

Here is a look at issues 1-4 of the Ray Fawkes comic book UNDERWINTER. I've enjoyed the cover art of the series.

Underwinter #1 Cover A Ray Fawkes
Underwinter #1 Cover B Jeff Lemire
Underwinter #2 Cover A Regular Ray Fawkes Cover
Underwinter #2 Cover B Variant Dustin Nguyen Cover
Underwinter #3 Cover A Ray Fawkes
Underwinter #3 Cover B Chip Zdarsky
Underwinter #4 Cover A Regular Ray Fawkes Cover
Underwinter #4 Cover B Variant Emi Lenox

Babyteeth #1 with Variants

Here is a dark and blurry photo look at the comic book Babyteeth #1. I have the main cover and then two variants. The first one in the row is the Midtown Comics exclusive version.

NamWolf Comic Issues 1-3 with Variants

I've posted about the comic 'Namwolf  before. I have issues #1-3 with the variants. Here's a somewhat dark photo of what those look like. They are in order from left to right 1,2,3, with regular covers on top and variants on the bottom.

Ding-Dong PTC Websites Are Dead For Paypal

Paid To Click websites have been decent casual earning websites for getting extra baseball card collection dough each month in my experience. But, that extra ten spot from such sites here and there has been brought to an end by Paypal for me.

I used to use a website called Clixsense, but they quit paying out via Paypal.  I moved on to Neobux and today, after reaching my payout, I clicked to be paid, and instead was directed to a message from them stating they could no longer pay folks via Paypal. They say Paypal will not let any PTC websites use their services anymore.

I am not looking to open a new payment processing account on some other website, one can only stomach having to use so many different accounts and different websites for every little thing in online life, yeesh.  Therefore, no more PTC websites for this fellow to generate spare card collecting moolah.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Video Game Beta review/ early impressions

After playing the video game GWENT, based on the card game from within the Witcher video game series,  for an extended period of time, I can sum it up in a brief review.

The game involves grinding to unlock cards or just buying them. Then you play them, but most strategy just goes out the window because once you have your "powerful" cards and do well with them you'll rank up to be facing people with access to the same cards. Depending on the faction deck a player chooses to use, there are really a bare minimum of strategies being deployed and one can guess exactly what their opponet is going to do before even the first card is laid out. Players will just play what they have seen others win with etc and therefore the game becomes a dull cycle of pointlessness.

The early stages of first playing were fun, trying to win with whatever you had against whatever the other player had. There was some adventure there. But, as you progress into the game that illusion goes away. I…