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GWENT The Witcher Card Video Game Fun

There is a card game that they play within the realms of The Witcher video game and now that game has it's own standalone game: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

This game is in different stages of Beta on PC, Xbox, and PS4. I've played it on my PC and PS4 and have been having a lot of fun. I am not someone that ever got into card games like Magic The Gathering, but I was able to pick up Gwent and have fun fairly quick out of the gate.

(I will point out that I play PC more because my television right now is a plasma and the borders of the cards threaten to burn into the screen being stationary as they are for as long as they are)

If you can access it: the game is free! They sell you kegs and such to pull new cards from, but you can also earn free kegs throughout playing.

The different cards have animation, sound effects, and voices that sound off when played, which brings some life to the action for sure. The variety of cards to be unlocked make this something a card collector mig…

Book Spotlight: The Monster Game By Wes Laurie

If you liked 50 Shades of Grey OR if you hated 50 Shades of Grey: The Monster Game by Wes Laurie might be for you!


A man falls for a woman who introduces him to an erotic role playing game based off of classic monster movies. However, as he falls in love, so too does he fall into danger with the escalating challenges of the game.

Amazon reader review: "This book was titillating. I never could get into 50 shades because I don't like the meek submissive female character that frankly plagues the genre of erotic fiction. This is not that. This is a powerful woman told from a male perspective. It was a delight to read, with a surprise ending that made me howl with delight."

Harley Quinn Amanda Conner Comic Book Covers

Here are a couple of Harley Quinn comic books with cover art by Amanda Connor that I currently have in my possession. They are both graded 9.8 by CGC.

Harley Quinn Issue #29 from D.C. Comics August of 2016 Variant Cover
Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harley's #4 from D.C. Comics October 2016