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PikaBOOM Painting

Here is the one and only painting I did to help me decide that I am not a painter. OR AM I?

My art critic mother (not really a critic, I assume really my mother) said it looks like I blew up Pikachu, so, it's called PikaBOOM.

Can Break: Pringles Loud Salsa Fiesta Chips Review

LOUD, indeed. I just ate some Pringles LOUD Salsa Fiesta chips. If one is going to try these I suggest begin with a nibble, don't go whole chip like I did. These Pringles chips to me personally tasted like just putting straight vinegar in your mouth. Maybe if I keep eating them my taste buds will go numb with shock and I can finish the can/ tube off.

Box Break: Dunkin' Donuts Pop Tarts

After I heard about coffee flavored Pop Tarts I searched high and low for them at stores, but it took weeks from the initial heard of them to the point that Target actually had some on the shelf. I tried both flavors. I liked the Vanilla Latte one, but after eating just one packet the novelty of the flavor kind of wore off and it just tasted like a sugar rectangle. I'm not a fan of the Mocha flavored one, but I figure people who like Mocha coffee more than I will enjoy them well enough. So, basically, they taste okay, I just couldn't eat the entire box without already being bored with them.

The Flash / Flashdance Comic Sketch cover by Billy Tackett

A new comic book I have with an original art cover created by Billy Tackett. This is a The Flash comic featuring The Flash dressed and posing like welder and exotic dancer Alex Owens ala Jennifer Beals from the 1983 movie Flashdance.

The comic book cover art was made with copic markers and acrylic by Billy Tackett. You can check out his website at

The Pee Pee Poo Poo Man

um..sometimes I need to use blogger to host a meme for sharing elsewhere, usually when replying to a message board thread while trying too hard to be funny because Photobucket doesn't work well....this is one of those times.

Note: I didn't create the meme, it's all over the Internets. :)

My Little Pony Comic Art Sketch Cover By Dave Myers

My sketch card collection led to me looking at comic book art, specifically I have interest in blank variant comics where an artist has drawn an original piece on it.

Here is a My Little Pony comic that I got with a mixed medium art piece on the cover by artist Dave Myers. I am not a Brony, I just like amusing things.