2016 Marvel Masterpieces Box Break 1 of 1

When I was a kid I put together a set of 1994 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards. I was never into comic books as a kid, but loved the trading cards. Mostly I liked the villains and the ladies, Marvel Masterpieces art of superhero ladies was as close to having pictures of boobies as I could get at that age; oo la la.

On black friday I bought a single box of 2016 Marvel Masterpices (holy expensive, Batman! - yes, I know Batman is DC comics).  (The backs of the cards say 2015) These new cards are celebrating the old Masterpieces sets and specifically the art of Joe Jusko. They are very thick stock, very nice cards, 12 packs per box, 3 cards per pack, get out your thick toploaders and sleeves.

Let's bust out the 1 of 1 right away:
Hand Drawn original art Sketch card one of one Kraven by Roberto Cota Briceno inspired by Electro 1992 Marvel Masterpices.

My box gave me a trifecta of Emma Frost: base card /1999, What If card /1499, and the Legendary Orange /99

 WHAT IF cards that I pulled:

Here are two Epic Purple cards /199: Blade and the Punisher:

Iron Man Gallery insert 39/99
Here are two shiny foil card Dcctor Stranged Limited Holofoil and then a Battle Spectra Captain America Vs Iron Man:

And finally there are base cards, followed by lower serial numbered base which I assume are some of the SPs, and the Gold Foil Cards with Joe Jusko in Gold Foil across the front, and a 1992 Masterpices Buyback of Lizard.


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