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My First Sexy Comic Lady Sketch Drawing Attempt

She turned out super sexy, right?

Box Break: Cheez-It Pepper Jack

I like Pepper Jack cheese and decided to give Cheez-It Pepper Jack crackers a chance to impress my taste buds.

At first the crackers tasted "musty" to me, but I found if you read the ingredients and imagine real cheese being involved the flavor grows on you. Look at the little pepper dots on the crackers and imagine the veggies they represent. The crackers are not too spicy.  Specifically, I found that the more I mindlessly ate the better they tasted, ala shoveling them into my mouth while playing a video game.

Cheez-It Pepper Jack crackers are okay, decent, not as good as the Extra Toasty style of the regular crackers though!

2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series Prop Cards: Jennifer England Plays Basketball & Carrie Stroup Does Hockey

In the continuing to share photos from the 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series case of cards I busted due to getting an itch for variety while surfing Black Friday prices, here are the other two prop cards I pulled from the case (Tiffany Selby with a chunk of football was shared on thre blog post prior to this one)

The prop cards from this seris are HUGE in terms of FAT. It takes a 240pt toploader to hold the card and even then I was wondering if the fit was going to happen. Finding a 240pt toploader was not as easy as it seemed it should have been either, best price was some off brand ones on Ebay.

Jennifer England basketball prop card. I also have her Pink Foil/25 and Gold Foil autograph in the picture.

Carrie Stroup Hockey stick prop card and Gold Foil auto.

Tiffany Selby Football Prop Card & Christy Hemme Red Back Auto 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series

Here is one of three Prop cards that I got from my 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series case and one of the 5 Red Back autographs that I pulled. I may have beat the odds in both instances with Red Backs supposed to be 4 per case and Prop cards 2 if I recall.

Why do these earn their own blog post? Someone asked to see a picture and photobucket doe snot (doe snot?) work on my computer for some reason. :)

Christy Hemme Red Back
Tiffany Selby Football

2016 High Tek Craig Biggio Orange Magma Autograph

Here is my favorite autographed baseball card that I pulled out of my case of 2016 Topps High Tek

It's a Craig Biggio Orange Magma card serial numbered out of /25.

Of course the most "valuable" autograph card I pulled was a THOR

Sandy Koufax 2016 Topps High Tek 66 SP

This is a short print insert card from 2016 Topps High Tek that I pulled from a case. They are actually a hard card to pull, but, sadly, that doesn't translate to sell value in the baseball card market. This Sandy Koufax card is really cool looking though!

Sara Underwood Purple Foil 13/50 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series

My case of 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series cards that I picked up cheap on a Black Friday sale featured 3 different Sara Underwood Autographs (Green/10, base Gold Foil, and Purple Foil) The Green and base card are pictured on another blog post, but here is the Purple. Looks exactly the same, but with a serial numbere dout of 50 (13/50) and with Purple Foil on the front.

Oddly, it seemed like a lot of the serial numbered cards that I pulled out of the case were for the number 13.

Jose Berrios & Tyler Jay Red Refractor 3/5 2016 Bowman Chrome Turn Two

Here's a card I picked up to go along with a couple of other Jose Berrios cards that I ended up with. Berrios prices aren't too bad considering he had a terrible rookie season, but if he is able to bounce back in 2017 and fulfill his potential that means there's a lot of room for his value to bounce up.
2016 Bowman Chrome Turn Two RED 3/5 Jose Berrios and Tyler Jay (Berrios is on the front of the card, Jay is on the back. 

Sketch Cards: Vampirella Artist Proof By Scott Blair & Witchblade Sketch by Kevin Meinart

Here are a couple of cool sketch cards I picked up to launch my new fascination with collecting sketch card art:

I bought the Vampirella one directly from the artist Scott Blair. The other was made by Kevin Meinart for the Witchblade trading card series.

Christy Hemme 14/25 Bikini Swatch 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series

This is a case hit card that I pulled from 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series. It features a swatch of bikini worn by model Christy Hemme.

Sara Underwood 10/10 Green Foil Autograph 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series

I opened a case of 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series, I'll be posting some photos from the hits.

I pulled a total of 3 Sara Underwood autographs, a Green, a Purple, and a regular Gold foil. Sara Underwood is a former Playboy Playmate of the year model with a fairly strong following in the Bench Warmer collecting world.

Here is the rare 10/10 Green Foil, along with the Base Gold Foil Autograph.

2010 Bench Wamer Signature Series Case Topper Printing Plates

If you buy a case of 2010 Bench Warmer Signature Series cards you are guaranteed three printing plate cards. A case is a large box and then inside of the box there are two medium boxes splitting the 12 box case into two 6 box holding boxes. The plates are found: one inside the main large box and then one each inside the two smaller inner boxes of boxes. Got it? Ha. They are in toploaders with a seal and also inside of little yellow envelopes.

Here are the three I pulled out of a case.

Leigh Ann Spence

 Sherry Goggins
 Suzanne Le

Albert Pujols Red Orbit Diffractor 2016 Topps High Tek

I pulled an Albert Pujols Red oRbit Diffractor from a case of 2016 Topps High Tek. This was the only Red Orbit in the case and places like Cardboard Connection list these as having a print run of /5. However, there isn't a serial number on the card.

2016 Topps High Tek Mark McGwire Orange Magma Diffractor 1/25

Here is another Orange Magma Diffractor I pulled from my single case break of 2016 High Tek. The numero uno serial numbered Orange Magma card of Mark McGwire. Selling it on Ebay.

2016 Topps High Tek Noah Syndergaard 1/1 Autograph Yellow Print Proof

Here is a 1/1 baseball card that I pulled from my case of 2016 Topps High Tek.

Noah Syndergaard 1/1 Yellow Print Proof Autographed

2016 Topps High Tek Frank Thomas Orange Magma 11/25

Here is another baseball card I pulled from my 2016 Topps High Tek case. It was one of my favorites because as a kid Frank Thomas was my favorite player and any time I pull a Frank Thomas out of a pack it's that kid opening baseball cards magic.

2016 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Autograph Pictures

I busted an entire case of 2016 Topps High Tek. I'll upload the results soon, but dropping these blurry pictures of the Clayton Kershaw autograph I pulled from it because someone requested to see a pic and using this like photobucket because Photobucket just doesn't work on my computer anymore.

2016 Marvel Masterpieces Box Break 1 of 1

When I was a kid I put together a set of 1994 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards. I was never into comic books as a kid, but loved the trading cards. Mostly I liked the villains and the ladies, Marvel Masterpieces art of superhero ladies was as close to having pictures of boobies as I could get at that age; oo la la.

On black friday I bought a single box of 2016 Marvel Masterpices (holy expensive, Batman! - yes, I know Batman is DC comics).  (The backs of the cards say 2015) These new cards are celebrating the old Masterpieces sets and specifically the art of Joe Jusko. They are very thick stock, very nice cards, 12 packs per box, 3 cards per pack, get out your thick toploaders and sleeves.

Let's bust out the 1 of 1 right away:
Hand Drawn original art Sketch card one of one Kraven by Roberto Cota Briceno inspired by Electro 1992 Marvel Masterpices.

My box gave me a trifecta of Emma Frost: base card /1999, What If card /1499, and the Legendary Orange /99

 WHAT IF cards that I pulled…