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Barry Zito Makes Music, Ponders The Secret Of Life

Barry Zito announced his retirement from baseball October 19, 2015.
Now he is pitching us some music:

Box Break: Kemps Winter Snowmen Limited Edition Ice Cream

The snowman seemed cute on the outside of the box, but I opened it to find a dang snowman nightmare waiting for me! He tasted okie-dokie though. I eat them hat first.

Box Break: A & W Root Beer Pop Tarts

I opened one box of A & W Root Beer flavored Pop Tarts. The pop tarts come 8 to a box. I did not eat all 8 because they are gross.

Randy Johnson 2009 Upper Deck X Baseball Printing Plate 1/1 X3 Black Print Plate Xponential

My latest addition to the printing plate collection

2009 Upper Deck X Baseball RANDY JOHNSON printing plate 1/1 for the color black.

I left the sticker and tape on for the picture, twas how the card came to me in the mail, too lazy to switch over to new toploader before picture taking.

I used to buy these Upper Deck cards off the discount shelf at a K-mart, so when a Randy Johnson 1/1 in a Giants uniform and as one of the Xponential variations ala X3 came up for cheapo-ish, had to have it. Fun!

Target Store 2016 Topps MEGA BOX Break: Cubs

I bought and opened one of the above boxes of 2016 Topps Mega Box from Target. I think this is the Target exclusive version of the Mega Box product giving you 5 packs of 2016 Topps Update and 2 Packs of Update Chrome(a 50 card set). Wal-mart has their own sort of Mega box or Holiday box, whatever they want to call them coming out too. I think the Wal-mart one might cost more and has a relic or autograph guaranteed and some cards with snowflakes on the front of them, snowflake as in the graphic art, not actual snowflakes, the logistics of packing real snowflakes into a pack of cards would be a nightmare in terms of cooling systems and price point.

My box of 2016 Topps Mega Box did not contain anything too exciting.

The best two cards were a Update Chrome Rookie Card of Kyle Schwarber and one of Albert Almore. The Cubs are sort of "in" right now due to the World Series and what-not.

And for the fun of it, here is a regular Update card of Bryce Harper in his Padres style All-S…

Jose Berrios RC 2016 Triple Threads Magenta Printing Plate 1/1

2016 Topps Triple Threads RC Print Plate 1/1 for the color Magenta

This was a random purchase due to the price being decent and me itching to get a card-any-card! I thought it might look cool next to the Jose Berrios autograph that I pulled out of a pack of Tribute.

There Are High-End Boxes Of Baseball Cards and Then There Are Transcendent

2016 Topps Transcendent Baseball cards were announced this past week by Topps. They have an announced run of 65 box set cases and the early price being touted for such a thing, around-about $27,000.00!

Here is the possible case, er box, er briefcase? Luggage break? Case? Case/box-box?

If you splurge on Topps Transcendant you're getting:
1/1 Kris Bryant autograph
a 1/1 autograph of someone, probably not Kris Bryant
1/1 Oversized cut signature autograph
A sketch card
49 Topps Transcendent autographed cards
A 65 card set of Sketch reproductions (Huh?)
A 50 card 2016 Topps Transcendent Base Card set (serial numbered out of /65)
Also you get a Special Event Invitation where there will be a special guest. (Who? What? Where? When?)

It says that 2016 Topps Transcendent is a baseball card prodcut, but on the supposed autograph checklist I see Pele and Daisy Ridley, as well as Tupac and Audrey Hepburn being among the Cut Auto list.

That would be something if the special event is a brunch wi…

Hunter Pence Wins The Halloween Costume Contest

Hunter Pence and his fiancee Alexis Cozomboldis dressed up as Napolean Dynamite and Pedro for Halloween 2016. It's too good n funny not to share as many times as possible across the Internet.