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Box Breaking Music: Emma Ruth Rundle - Real Big Sky

If you want to cut right to the sorrow of breaking open a bad box of baseball cards, this song should take you there, prepare you, and just break your heart with its edgy, sad beauty. Actually, it'll probably make you forget about baseball cards altogether.

Emma Ruth Rundle - Real Big Sky

Barry Zito 1/1 2009 Topps T-206 Baseball Card Printing Plate

Here is my latest printing plate pickup for the plate collection I have started. Barry Zito had some rough years in a Giants uniform, but when he came through in the playoffs against the Cardinals, for many Giants fans everything was forgotten and he goes into the legacy books as a hero.

The picture on this plate is what drew me to it. Barry Zito is showing off one of his pitch grips.

2009 T-206 Barry Zito printing plate 1 of 1 for the color Magenta

The U.S. Postal System Revamps Image With Hip Celebrity

The United States Postal System or the USPS has noticed that you don't mail letters to Grandma anymore. The mailing system, facing declining sales, in part due to e-mail and other Internet wizardry, are looking to revamp their image and draw the youth back into the post office.

An official release from USPS:

"We've realized that our main customers are in the 78-99 age demographic and even though they have been coming in for decades, most of them stand at the counter and spend thirty minutes asking questions about every single mailing service we provide, never understanding. We've slipped into companion services for the lonely and senial and need to get back into straight up mail delivery services. The O.G. postal system is still cool and we're ready to show that to a new generation. For our new ad campaign we chose a voice that the youth of today really listen to: Percy Robert Miller."

Percy Robert Miller, better known in the late 90s as Master P will be feat…

Box Break: Cheez It Extra Toasty

I opened a box of Cheez It Extra Toasty crackers.

I ate some.

I like them.

They are good.

Thumbs up Cheez It Extra Toasty.

Box Breaking Music: July Talk - Push + Pull

Opening boxes of baseball cards needs a cool soundtrack. Here's a song I can't get enough of lately. The subject matter has nothing to do with baseball cards, just cool music in my opinion.

This is just the official audio Youtube video, there is a music video for the song out there too with some cool dancing and kooky drama. July Talk looks like a fun live act to watch.

The band: July Talk
Song: Push + Pull

CBS Greenlights 2 Broke Girls Spinoff!

Entertainment SCOOOOOOP: The CBS network has announced their plans for a spinoff of the comedy series 2 Broke Girls. The series that has been given the very green light will feature the odd couple title of  RAY LIOTTA AND POPEYE!

The premise of the show will center around Ray Liotta becoming roomates with Popeye the sailor man. Actor Ray Liotta is set to portray himself while thespian Ben Foster has signed on to play Popeye.

Tyler Beede Red 3/5 2014 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome Mini Future Of The Franchise

October meant Ebay issued Ebay Bucks certificates and I used my Ebay Bucks to snap up a random baseball card that tickled my fancy in the browsing moment.

2014 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Future of the Franchise Mini Chrome Red Refractors #FF-TB of San Francisco Giants pitching prospect TYLER BEEDE.

Scarface Reboot: Who Will Play Tony Montana? Casting Revealed!!!!

Everyone's favorite gangster role model is heading back to work in Hollywood: Scarface.  And the lead actor to take on the iconic role has finally been revealed!

The new "reboot" of Scarface is rumored to be about a Mexican immigrant coming to Los Angeles, but you know what they say about rumors: they're rumors.

Director Antoine Fuqua, forever to have Training Day as his calling card and of The Magnificent Seven reboot fame, is the current director attached to the Scarface project.  The rebirth of Scarface also has a new writer onboard: Terence Winter of The Sopranos writing fame.

Of course what everyone wants to know is: who will play the lead of Tony Montana?  Today the cinema purists get their answer: Melissa McCarthy!

A studio executive at Universal reveals that Tony will now be TONI Montana.

"We saw how audiences reacted to the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, there you had a movie that a new generation could call their own, while at the same time impres…