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John Smoltz 2005 Upper Deck Lasting Impressions 1/1 Printing Plate

I tried to kick off a new printing plate collection with a Madison Bumagrner card, but the mail man delivered that in a very bent state of being. However, I got another cool printing plate card to re-kick the collection off in a more positive way.

A John Smoltz Upper Deck Lasting Impressings Plate. I really like the photo and then the framed design of the card around the plate.

2010 Madison Bumgarner Bowman RC 1/1 Printing Plate Yellow: Is Bent

I won a 2010 Madison Bumgarner RC Printing plate for the color yellow for a decent price off of Ebay. I was happy, semi-excited and it arrived to day with a major bend in it. So, not so happy, definitely  not excited.  This is a rare occassion where I will be initiating an Ebay return, I like beat up plates, but this one just is not floating my boat in its condition. It's folded over in one section and then the top corner is like twisted back in the other. It's worse seeming to me in person than these pictures.

I mean, it's a one of a kind(sort of) piece of baseball card history of a player I like to get cards of, but if I had seen it bent in the auction I would not have bought it is how I feel about it and I don't want to try to ebnd it back and make it worse or something.

2016 Archives Snapshots: Topps Official Break Video

The latest Topps exclusive product is 2016 Archives SNapshots. The cards are meant to look like photographs ala kind of Polaroid style with images from Topps' personal photo archives.


I did not rush to buy any, even though the price vs the checklist is actually somewhat intriguing, because I could not get an initial answer to: are they the size of regular baseball cards? Or are they actually photo size? The answer now though is: they look like regular baseball cards me thinks.

 I watched a Topps official box break video and indeed they looked like regular baseball cards. They have a glossy front and then retro sort of looking back. Heck, let me just put their video down below:

Movie Collection: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry & Race The Devil / Double Feature Blu-Ray review

I picked up a copy of the double feature blu-ray from Shout Factory: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry & Race The Devil. The cool blu-ray artwork looks like this:

I bought this because I read the premise for Race The Devil and thought it sounded equally amazing and bad. Vacationing couples being chased down the road by satanists after witnessing a human sacrafice! However, after watching both movies I have to say Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is the more entertaining film.

All of the humor and crazy dialog I hoped for from Race The Devil was actually packed into Dirty Mary Crazy Larry at a better rate along with way more car action. Race The Devil was a logical mess with too much boring down time between fun dialog moments such as "No Kidding. No joke. No bullshit. Murder!" I guess if you watch it on drugs and have a lot of energy about you and your group of friends, watching Peter Fonda wrestle a snake for way too long in a winnebago is maybe worth the price of admission...but Race the D…

2016 Topps Tribute Box Break

I opened one box of 2016 Topps Tribute baseball cards. 2015 Topps Tribute left a really sour taste in my mouth, but I guess the 2016 cards are pretty cool looking.

The cards are thick stock, even base cards need a little thicker than average toploader FYI.

Some of my pictures turned out blurry, looked good through the viewfinder I swear!

Here are some examples of base cards:

The only serial numbered parallel base card was a /50 Purple of Wade Davis

2016 Topps Tribute baseball cards give you three autographs and three game used cards. My GU were Fred McGriff orange/25, as well as a Miguel Cabrera with a pinstripe on it, and a regular Madison Bumgarner.  They are all serial numbered. The McGriff is fatter than the other two cards and the pack it came out of was missing a base card, perhaps due to McGriff being too fatty, sad it's just a one color swatch.

The autographs were Al Kaline /99, Sonny Gray /99 and Jose Berrios RC /150

At around $220-ish a box....good luck with 2016 Topps T…