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2016 Topps Bunt Physical Blaster Break

Topps Bunt confuses some people, as it is a digital trading card app and some collector's just can't wrap their minds around owning a card that isn't really there. Topps decided that it was a good idea to add to the confusion and sell boxes of Topps Bunt physical cards. Ha.

I bought a $9.99 blaster box of 2016 Topps Bunt baseball cards.

It's not a physical product to get too excited about, but the price point should tell you that. I personally think the base card design is lackluster, but I guess it is just copying what the cards would look like inside of the digital app.

And here are the insert cards that I pulled. The odds of pulling an autograph from these retail blasters are: NOPE.  I like the look of the baseball "program" themed inserts, that would be the Joe Mauer card on the bottom left of the picture below. The Mike Trout and Choo cards are Unique uniform themed.

You also can get code cards for unlocking digital packs of cards through the Topps Bunt …


Topps is offering an expensive new set of cards available only on their website, it is an intriguing product to me, thus, I blog about it.

The cost $1,500.00!

This sounds expensive, except, there is a chance that gamblers willing to roll on it and willing to break the set apart have a route to getting all of that money back. I mean if one were able to clear $2 per base card that right there gets one within a hundred of breaking even. It can be tricky to sell $2 cards and make profit on the Internet though, what with fees and shipping and what-not, so the gamble lies in how badly collectors will want this special version of the card featuring whatever player or team they collect. Or would the value be in keeping the set whole? At $1,5000 I don't see that, because Topps could have a sale price or start doing this every year or with every product release and the set itself is going to be a watered down novelty incapable of gaining in value..IF.

HOWEVER, if the set of 700 just look li…

2016 Topps Chrome Jumbo Hobby Box Break

I enjoyed my regular hobby box of 2016 Topps Chrome baseball cards so much I decided to try the jumbo version of the hobby box product. There wasn't too much to get excited about in refractors or parallels, so, I'll just share the autographed "hits." There are five autos in a jumbo Chrome box.

The jumbo box was not as fun a break because there were quality issues. I did not see any dramatically miscut cards in my regular hobby box, but there is some in every pack in the jumbo packs I opened. 20 of the cards out of my jumbo box, 12 packs per box, were cut HORRIBLY. Here is an example of how the 20 cards look -  the top of the Trea Turner Rc has the top border as some other picture from some other source, not a part of the picture of his card. Then on the bottom border the team name is cut in half. (may have to click on the pic and blow it up to see better, camera quality is set to blurry.) The centering on the back is so off that the card number itself is cut off some…

2016 Topps Chrome Hobby Box Break

I opened a single Hobby box of 2016 Topps Chrome baseball cards.

Verdict on the product = fun to open, really enjoyed the look of the cards as well. I also felt like the value/fun ratio was just right from the hobby aspect in general.

Here are the autographs I pulled: Robert Stephenson GOLD 02/50 and Dae-Ho Lee.

Here are some of the REFRACTORS I pulled: Purple Machado, Green Lindor, base Molina, and Prism Bumgarner.

Here are some inserts:

and then just some examples of base cards: