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How Many Boxes of 2013 Finest Do You Need To Complete The Base Set?

The answer to the post question is: I don't know.

I bought five boxes 2013 Topps Finest Baseball Cards and still need 40 of the base cards for the complete set, so, five boxes netted me 60% of the base set. I post this merely as random food for thought if you are set building and box buying or happened to type in the blog title as a question into a search engine somewhere.

In terms of the base non-refractor cards, basically I got the 60 cards and then 2-4 doubles of each one.

2013 Topps Finest 5 Box Break: The Autographs

Blowout Cards had a special on 2013 Topps Finest baseball cards. They had full cases on sale for one price and then single boxes on sale for another. I did the math and buying the single boxes was actually cheaper than buying them by the full case, by almost $10 a box. (They have since corrected that)

After seeing the deal I got even cheaper in my thinking and thought, why buy a full case? I'll roll the dice on buying 5 boxes and hope to pull a big case hit without splurging on the last three boxes that would have been in an 8 box case. 
In the past I have been burnt pretty badly by the "value" of cards in Topps Finest, but, I don't think there's a lesson to be learned, buying baseball cards in general is dumb. :)

I did not pull any special inserts or refractors of note, (I'll sort what I've got and maybe do another post for the non-autos) but here are all of the autographs that came out of the five boxes of 2013 Topps Finest I just opened. 
First up the …