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2016 Bowman Value Box (Blaster) Break: Noah Syndergaard Silver

There was a $2.50 off coupon in the Marketside breadsticks pakc of baseball cards I opened the other day. The money off was for a Topp Value Box ala a blaster box of either Heritage, Series 1, Gypsy Queen, or Bowman.

I was leaning toward Gypsy Queen, but got suckered in by Bowman having more cards per box.

I did not pull anything exciting. Here is a base card of Hunter Pence next to a Silver base card of Noah Syndergaard. The Silver card was the only color variant in the box.

Here are some of the chrome cards. The Tyler Kolek is a Bowman Scout's Top 100 card and the Ryan Klesko is a RC Flashback card.

And that's that, nothing too sexy. The box did seem to have a Cubs theme to it with most of the cards seemingly players from that team's organization.

Marketside Walmart Baseball Cards: Mike Trout With Your Pizza

At Walmart stores you can buy a cheap pizza and get a pack of Topps baseball cards inside. These are exclusive Marketside cards. I bought a box of breadsticks for $2.98 and they also came with the pack of cards.

The breadsticks did not taste very good.

Here are the cards that came out of the pack:

The Mike Trout card came out of the pack with a bad corner and the top border also is all dinged up.