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DOOM 2016 PS4 Game Review

DOOM, ah the classic returns in a modern to 2016 gaming way. I got this game on my PS4 and here are my thoughts on it.

The game looks and sounds great. However, a major issue for me has been getting vertigo/ nausea/ and migraines from just playing the game in short spells. I'm not sure what it is about the nature of this game exactly inducing such symptoms in me, but it's been painful. I am a huge FPS fan and don't have this sort of issue often or with other FPS shooters I am currently playing. Generally if I experience any sort of pain it is merely a small window of acclimation to the movements of the game and I get used to it. I am not succeeding in getting past that with DOOM.

I have not finished the game, working it in small doses, but so far the demons invading plot line is as simple and yet entertaining as needs be.

The game play is interesting and a nice change of pace. At times it feels like you are playing some classic style DOOM, though it looks a million buck…

Battleborn: PS4 Video Game Review

Sometimes there just isn't money to spend on baseball cards to blog about, because, well, I like to buy video games! This month was another one where a lot of good games came out in a short span. Here is one of them I played on my PS4.


Battleborn is a game that comes from the creators of the Borderlands series, which are awesome games. Therefore, I was excited about this new offering from said video game making team.
First off: Battleborn IS fun. It is an FPS shooter with different gameplay style elements MOBA or whatever you call them or MMsomething or another. I enjoyed the way your character progresses and unlocks new abilities during each match or level.
The amount of characters and different abilities are cool. The graphics were fun. The story, well, for the most part I ignored it because it was a bunch of made up sci-fi babble that wasn't very interesting to me.
My experience with Battleborn was very positive, but there is a BUT. The game reminded me of how…

Raul A. Mondesi Suspended For PED Use

Well, now I can say I've experienced the baseball card prospector's nightmare of a player being suspended for PED use.

Raul A. Mondesi of the Royals system is the ONE player I chose to prospect. But, lucky me, I've been lazy and only bought three of his cards ha ha ha.

Apparently he gets some slack cut to him by MLB in their decision, giving him only 50 games instead of 80 with the fact being told that he took it in cough medicine without knowing it or something. Clenbuterol was the drug he was able to prove was found in his cough medicine.

Guess I'll HOLD his cards I've got.

Brandons Are Awesome

This picture of Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt cracks me up:

Tim Lincecum Pitching Showcase Results

Tim Lincecum is trying to make his way back on to an MLB team as a starting pitcher. He held his showcase for teams today, which was live streamed on the Internet. It was a short performance of 41 pitches or so I think. I watched the video stream, but cannot say with layman eyes what if anything significant was shown, was not exactly a performance judging angle. However, the news being reported from scouts is that his fastball went from 87.5 up to 92 and points between. Supposedly his curveball was great looking.

His showcase kind of seemed like "brought to you by Nike" as he was repping their products during it, ending with a bright orange shoebox he walked off the mound with/ had behind the mound.

As a San Francisco Giants fan, and with Jake Peavy and Matt Cain not pitching well at all, I am all for bringing back Timmy! He would look weird in any uniform other than a Giants uniform.

2016 Topps Finest: Topps Online Exclusive & Ken Griffey Jr.

I do not cover much baseball card news as this is more or less an extension of my own hobby dealings as a blog. However, the announcement that 2016 Topps Finest would not be released in the same manner as previous years and as most hobby products are has many collectors up in arms over the Topps distribution decision. And by up and arms I mean, arms are probably helping hands slap to keyboards to type complaints on collecting message boards, while at the same time saving 2016 Topps Finest as a keyword search result on Ebay for the singles they won't be able to resist, if they manage not to buy unopened boxes.

What am I talking about? Topps announced that 2016 Topps Finest baseball cards will mostly be a exclusive ala you will have to go to their website and buy the product from them. They are also sending out the product to their "MVP Direct" hobby stores. This irritated many who had pre-ordered the product through their normal channels only to have their orde…