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Prospecting: Raul Mondesi/ Royals 2014 Bowman Mini /10 /25 & Silver Wave /25

After getting my Silver Wave Chris Stratton baseball card some days back, I liked the design of the card and looked into the set/ other cards available in said design. This looking resulted in a random choice and purchase of a 2014 Bowman Chrome Silver Wave Raul Mondesi 07/25 baseball card. And then I decided I would play around with "prospecting" and start picking up some of his cards. He is a speedster who is trying to get better at the plate and at the start of 2016 is showing some early promise of that.

Here are the first three cards I have gotten of Raul A. Mondesi. (Not to be confused with Raul Mondesi Jr.(brother) who played for the Tampa Bay Rays minor league system, or the retired veteran Raul Mondesi (father))

Aside from the Silver Wave /25, I also got:
2014 Bowman Chrome Mini Yellow Refractor 16/25 Raul Mondesi
2014 Bowman Chrome Mini Orange Refractor 02/10 RaulMondesi

Behold them in all their (as received in the mail) taped up glory!

Chris Stratton: /25 Baseball Card Duo: Bowman Silver Wave & Mini Black

Chris Stratton had a decent 2016 Spring training from what I recall and MLB has him listed as the 27th best prospect in the San Francisco Giants farm system. His baseball cards are not exactly worth the moon as of right now and I decided to spend some Ebay bucks to pick up a couple.

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Black refractor serial numbered out of 25.
2014 Bowman Chrome Silver Wave serial numbered out of 25.

I think the Silver Wave was one that came out of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. The Silver Wave card is shiny and fun to look at!

Madison Bumgarner RC 2010 Mini Printing Plate Topps Allen & Ginter: It's Back?

Once upon a time I owned a 2010 Allen & Ginter RC framed mini printing plate for Mr. Madison Bumgarner. I do not recall for which color, however, there is a possibility it was Magenta. I still have an old photo of the plate I owned and it does look like it could have been Magenta. I sold that plate, but: it has returned!?

A 2010 Allen & Ginter Mini printing plate Madison Bumgarner RC arrived on Ebay and I thought: I want mine back! I won the auction, which surprised me , +and it arrived today in the mail! Woo!

I was pretty happy about getting the card again, if not the exact one I had, at least one of the set's four colors. My cat was not impressed:

Aramis Garcia Auto 2014 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Prospects Signatures

Panini put so many different words and titles on this card I don't really know what you'd call it if looking it up in a Beckett style listing. 2014 Prizm Draft Picks I suppose. This was a $1.99 with free shipping pickup off Ebay.

Aramis Garcia is considered the #5 top prospect for the San Francisco Giants by MLB dot com. He's a catcher.

2016 Donruss Madison Bumgarner Black Test Proof 02/25


Topps Bunt/ Star Wars Trader/ Huddle/ Kick: Topps Yawn

Well, I gave the Topps digital trading cards a run of time, did everything (aside from spend money) to stay involved, logged in every day, earned coins, opened cards, and now got to taste some of the Bunt game you can play during the season. My verdict: I'm bored with it all and finished with the apps.

Kick was the first app to get deleted, because the card design was dull and quite frankly I know zero about soccer.

Next I deleted Topps Huddle the football app. Once again, I found the cards boring, and after wasting all of my coins on packs that stated specific odds of pulling the card I was after only to run out of coins and NOT pull the card the odds said would be there: poop on that.

The Star Wars Card Trader app was doing a decent job for me in terms of selling the cards on Ebay. However, the app seems to be flooded with free coins and cards and it's become so easy that I think buyers aren't as quick to lay down money for the digital offerings. Topps has also been rele…

What Is Topps Now? Topps Now Begins Now

Topps has started a print on demand set of cards called TOPPS NOW. "Celebrating baseball's greatest moments as they happen." They appear to be $9.99 cards with free shipping. Pricing breakdown they list: 1CARD = $9.99, 5 CARDS = $29.99, 10 CARDS = $49.99, 20 CARDS = $79.99

The first two cards for opening day are of Francisco Liriano #1 and then Kansas City Royals and their World Series Trophy #2.

The cards are only available for 24 hours after being posted. They announce the print run after the ordering is over, after the 24 hr period.

At this price, not sure I'm on board for trying to build the set itself; not knowing how many cards will be made in the year. However, maybe some cool memories will be worth ten bucks down the road. I mean, if I was a Royals fan that trophy card might tempt me.


My first Star Wars Card Trader "Auto" Card: Signature Series Sio Bibble

I do not know Star Wars well enough to know what a Sio Bibble is, appears to be an elderly gentleman. I pulled the below digital card in the Star Wars Card trader app. It is a Signature Series insert ala a digital autographed card with the digital signature of Oliver Ford Davies.