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2016 Topps Opening Day Blue Foil Cards

I opened one blaster and then one full box of 2016 Topps Opening Day trading cards. The fun factor was high, while the cost and return selling value were both fairly low; is how I feel about the product. It gave me the experience of Topps Series 1, but on a slightly less ambitious scale of content and that was just right to me.

I failed to take pictures during the full box break, nothing of extreme value to note came out of it. However, I did put together the full base card set.

My favorite cards out of 2016 Topps Opening Day, for some reason, are the Blue Foil parallels. Out of the blaster and the box, I only pulled 8 of them, and putting together the full set is not really something I think I have the energy to do right now, but none-the-less: cool cards.

Here are the 8 I pulled:
Brandon Belt, Jimmy Nelson, Albert Pujols, Carl Edwards Jr. RC, Joc Pederson, Maikel Franco, Miguel Almonte, and Pedro Alvarez.

2015 Bowman Draft Tyler Beede Orange 7/25

2015 Bowman Draft Tyler Beede Orange serial numbered 7/25. The orange color on this card really has some "pop" to it, looks cool with the colors of the San Francisco Giants uniform. I got this off Ebay for 99 cents.

2016 Topps Bunt: The New Look

The Topps Bunt digital trading card app updated for the 2016 season. Carlos Correa replaces Mike Trout on the opening screen. They are also incorporating some new game and collecting elements with equipment cards representing things such as baseball and batting helmets being used for creating new parallel cards, which is how the card building in the Star Wars Trader app works, you take your specific base card and the amount of equipment cards listed and turn them in for another card, yadda yadda, I'm bored with typing, on to blurry pictures.

Well, the card pictures turned out too blurry, I'm bailing on this post ha ha. The 2016 Topps Bunt base cards look pretty much like 2016 Topps series 1 physical cards just with more BUNT written across the fronts.

2016 Donruss Test Proof Black /25: Jose Fernandez & Carlos Rodon

This was a "just curious what they are like" get on my part, wanting to see what the 2016 Donruss Test Proof cards were like in person. There is a Madison Bumgarner one on its way to me for my collection, but here are two others that I currently have, can see the fronts and backs.

2016 Donruss Black Press Proof serial numbered out of /25

Jose Fernandez and Carlos Rodon

1984 He-Man Masters Of The Universe Trading Cards! One Pack Opening

There were some baseball cards in my mailbox today, but the real treat was my brother sent me a single pack of 1984 Masters Of The Universe Trading cards.

Cool to look at, but it had to be opened!

In the 80s, maybe you opened this pack and groaned about getting "doubles," but as it turns out the gum stained card here is a double of Battle Cat's transformation, so no harm no foul, and now I have the regular card #14 AND the Gum Stain parallel, right?

HE-E-EL-P him He-man!

Teela gets a story filled with intrigue: "What's going on?" - "I perfected the lasso..."

So much adventure in a single pack of cards!

And a sticker too! My Masters Of The Universe Sticker is of Ram-Man.

2015 Elite Extra Edition 3 Autograph Retail Box Break

At a Target retail store I saw a larger than a blaster box of baseball cards and was intrigued.

 I am quite familiar with Elite Extra Edition baseball cards from Panini, but not this retail version of it, and the box lacked a price tag. I thought about what would be a good price point for some sticker prospect auto cards and in my mind I hoped it was a under thirty in price. However, these boxes run $49.99. Obviously I rolled the dice and went in on this "baseball card lottery ticket" anyway.

Here are some of the base cards, note Dansby Swanson is present. I did not look at the checklist for this product before buying, so, as a Giants fan I was pleased to find a Lucius Fox card; no, not Morgan Freeman's character from Batman.

The box promised two die-cut parallels> I pulled  purple Grayson Long serial numbered out of /150 and then a serial numbered out of 200 of Jake Lemoine. The purple die-cut are snazzy in my opinion and I kind of want more.

Here are some of the ins…

2016 Topps Opening Day Blaster Break $9.99

2016 Topps Opening Day baseball card blasters get you 77 cards for $9.99. This is half the cost of buying a regular blaster, perhaps half the high-end value to be discovered, but I don't think opening one was any less fun. Actually, the price tag of this product made me feel like a got my moneys worth more so than a regular Series one blaster would at 19.99.

I did not pull any mega jaw-dropping hits, but I really felt like this blaster scratches the pack opening itch quite well. They give a kid or an adult's inner child some affordable Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Joc Pederson, yadda yadda cards to pull.

The infamous Jose Bautista bat flip baseball card:

Here are some other 2016 Opening Day base cards:

And then some Opening Day inserts:

There were two FOIL version cards in my blaster as well:

I still need to sort through and see if I pulled any of the action/picture variations possible from the set.

My Brother's 1980s Original He-Man Collection

I've posted a few He-man toys recently that were mailed to me by my brother. He has been putting together a collection of the toys, which were items that we created many an adventure with in youth.
The He-man action figures I got were the misfits and extras, but here are a couple of pictures of his collection as he displays it:

Sy-Klone: 1980s Original He-man Toy

The picture of this He-Man toy below is as blurry as my memory of him existing in the He-man toy universe I played in as a child. There is a vague awareness of him, remembering this character, but far from the front lines of my favorites and the battlefield of my bedroom.

This is SY-KLONE

I think there is supposed to be like a Doppler weather radar or something in his chest circle spot. He is a cyborg that can spin around really fast to create a whirlwind, which is a great ability to have unless you are also a baseball card collector and have them out for sorting. This character was released near the end of the original He-man cycles, I am led to believe, and was not really a "big" character at all.

It appears my brother mailed me a version with some psoriasis on his leg.

Hordak: 1980's Original He-Man Toy

The first time I can recall ever seeing a Hordak action figure from the He-man line of toys was when this one arrived in a ziplock bag as mailed to me by my brother. I had lots of He-man toys in my youth, but cannot say I ever came across this fellow.

It seems that Hordak toys were released in 1985 and he was the leader of the Evil Horde. The leader, eh? Sorry, but Skeletor is the one evil to rule them all. Hordak was apparently Skeletor's mentor and Skeletor turned on him, betrayed him, filled him with a lust for vengeance.  I don't know why his legs aren't attached to his body, somebody played with them some Hordak hardcore.

Man-At-Arms: 1980s Original He-Man Toy

Man-At-Arms as I recall from my hours of childhood spent on He-Man involved activities, was pretty high up in the hierarchy of good guy characters. Man-At-Arms is apparently his title and his real name is Duncan.

I did not spend a lot of one on one time with Man-At-Arms in my childhood play sessions, if I recall correctly, he was one of my brother's toys. But, here he is with his battle chest plate on, ready to man the arms, giving a thumbs up.

Stinkor: He-Man 1980s Original Skunk Villain

In 1985 I was quite young, yet I can remember the day that the skunk man Stinkor was introduced at the store as a new He-man toy. I wanted it! He looked like an awesome bad guy. I have no idea why I thought that as a kid, a man skunk is a bit silly now that I look at him. Also silly: the action figure was supposed to have an "odor" to it. All I can recall him smelling like though was plastic. This one that my action figure collecting brother mailed to me smells like plastic, pretty much smells like I recall the skunk smelling as a kid. I can even smell the plastic on my fingers after handling him.  Anyone test these for toxicity?

Apparently the Stinkor toy got its "scent" from mixing the plastic with patchouli oil when they formed them. Also, Stinkor is basically the exact same figure as the Mer-Man He-Man toy, only they painted him to look like a skunk. Apparently his weapons and such were just recycled from other figure sources as well. Ha.

Meckaneck: 1980s Original He-man Toy

My brother has gotten into recapturing the fun of youth by buying old He-man toys. He sent me some and though I have thus far avoided playing with them, forming any new violent adventures as I spent hours doing as a kid, I am going to share them on here!


I had this toy as a kid with all of the weapons and such, think he carried a club. I cannot say he was ever one of my favorites though.

His special ability is that when you twist his waist his neck extends upward. So, I guess he can see things up high? I don't really recall this ability ever coming into any of the battle plots when I played He-man as a kid. Apparently the original He-Man story of Meckaneck is that he can see really far thanks to the neck and his special goggles. His neck became the mechanical wonder that it is because it was "damaged in storm winds." Looking back: He-man is kind of weird.

Joe Panik 2015 Tier One Auto & Bowman Chrome Series Next /25 Insert

Joe Panik has been a very solid second baseman for the San Francisco Giants, yet another part of their "homegrown" infield. In 2015 he hurt his back (the Marco Scutaro curse?) and missed some time, but it's 2016 and time to get excited for his fully healthy return by grabbing some singles off of Ebay.

I bought a lot of two Joe Panik cards recently. A 2015 Topps Tier 1 autographed card and then a Bowman Chrome insert serial numbered out of 25; pictured below in the reverse order f what I just typed.