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The 2016 Topps Tribute To 2015 Topps Tribute Mess

Good grief. Time for me to gripe some more.

Okay, 2015 Topps Tribute was THE product I decided to spend a big wad of dough on to box break last year. The cards were all damaged junk and the company did a recall and long story short card collecting was turned into  money costing stress not a fun hobby. The 2015 Tribute goof on Topps' part really dampened my enthusiasm for any more hobby box breaking splurges.

Fast forward to 2016 and the 2016 edition of Topps Tribute high-end baseball cards. Yeah, they were already supposed to have been released. But, they got pushed back. Some sources are saying it is now a March release, but some others are saying they were informed that it would be as late as July.

Maybe a product getting delayed is nothing new, maybe I am just hung up on and focusing negative energy on the Tribute product due to the 2015 shenanigans, or maybe Topps is really dropping the ball here again, and again, and trying to do too much throughout the course of a year wit…

Michael Finley Spectra Autographed Jersey patch /25

How about some basketball?

Basketball was my main sport of choice to play as a kid and teen. I may have been a bigger collector of baseball cards, but basketball held some side interests. Michael Finley is a player I started to follow right around the same time I started not following NBA basketball at all. I saw some of his action in his first season of play and though I did not keep up with his career I saw one of his autographed cards as a nice and cost efficient first basketball card to add to my adult me collection.

And FYI: Shawn Kemp and Shaq were basically my favorite players when I was a kid. I had a  binder full of Kemp cards!

2014-15 Panini Spectra serial numbered 10/25 Michael Finley

The Darth Vader Battle Ready Sepia Insert Boogie

Once again I cashed in some Topps Star Wars Trader credits for some packs to go after an insert card. I pulled the Black and White Darth Vader Battle Ready insert yesterday, which gave me the access to packs with the chance of pulling the sepia variation of said insert. The odds stated 1 in 70 packs. It took me 119 packs to pull one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Vader: The King of Topps Star Wars Disco

I pulled a Darth Vader Battle Ready, Black and White, art insert card from the Topps Star Wars Trader digital card app today. Odds were 1 in 35 packs while packs lasted, think I opened 20 something packs.

These Battle Ready inserts have some funny art in my opinion. Some of the characters, Darth Vader here include, look like they are getting ready for a disco dance off not battle to me.

Barefoot Kate Beckinsale Autograph 11 x 14 PSA/DNA

If I were forced to create a list of some of the most attractive actresses to ever grace the screens of big and small in the movie industry, I wager I'd have to put Kate Beckinsale on that list pretty quick.

In my renewed desire to form a new celebrity autograph collection I found a Kate Beckinsale autographed photo that spoke to me. Really, I found several, but one at a time.

I chose this photo for several reasons, aside from just wanting to have a Kate Beckinsale autograph. I like the contrasts of how this photo shows the beautiful woman, yet at the same time it shows her in a state of flux between her natural beauty and a rougher cut of Hollywood beauty. She is down dressed in a casual, somewhat rumpled sort of way. However, at the same time it appears that her lips have had some filler injections, too much perhaps, (if any at all, could just be an angle thing, a this is how her mouth looked today thing)  and her deadpan model stare mixed with that adds some unnatural aspects …

Not A Photo Of Rosario Dawson's Sexy Legs

There is not a photo of Rosario Dawson on this blog post. There is just another transaction of bad luck to whine about. I would post a photo of an almost cool autographed Rosario Dawson 8 x 10, her sitting on some sort of ledge, sexy legs stretched out, BUT, said PSA/ DNA authenticated photo arrived with some creepy stains on it and I packaged it back up pronto.

In the photo that I bought there were some brown splotches in a lower corner on a white painted section of the ledge Rosario Dawson sits upon. I assumed this was IN the photo. Upon receiving the photo it turns out not to be a rustic aspect of the ledge in the photo, but rather someone let some chocolate or poop or something get ON the photo to goop it up and stain it. Eww.

I'm on an autographed celebrity photo kick again, more to come, hopefully picture worthy.

Topps App KICK In The Gut aka Soccer Is Boring?

After getting a tablet that runs Android apps I downloaded 4 of Topps digital trading card apps: Bunt, Huddle, Kick, and Star Wars Trader. Thus far, I have enjoyed Bunt and Star Wars Trader(even though I am not a Star Wars fan.) I am still not sure about Huddle the football version. However, as far as KICK the soccer app, I am deleting that one. Why?

1. The cards are boring to me, bland designs for the most part (from what I have pulled) and really I am not into soccer and have no idea who any of the players are; which is probably the main reason I find them boring. However -

 - 2. Even though I find KICK dull, I saved up a whole bunch of the free store coins in order to splurge on packs that might net me my first autographed digital soccer card. This blog post today should be showing off that digital auto insert...but, regardless of what the stated odds said on the Kick app store, I did not pull one. I had enough gold coins to beat the odds on the pack I chose, I opened enough packs…

Han Solo B & W Battle Ready Digital Insert

On the Star Wars Trader app I pulled a new insert card of Mr. Han Solo. The odds were 1 in 35 packs while supplies lasted, I pulled it in about 10 packs. I'm not sure the pose Han Solo has going on in the picture says "battle ready" to me, but it's a black and white Battle Ready insert.

The Curious Case Of Carlos Correa Autographed Chrome Refractors 2015

I won't post a long blog, just link to the news as covered by BECKETT. SEE BECKETT COVERAGE IN THIS LINK but here's some questionable activity a-happenin' in the ole lottery that is baseball card collecting.

As a Blowout Cards forum member I watched this post "blow up" with speculative comments, a thread so popular that many forum members have probably subscribed to it and are just itching for the right comment to unleash relevant or irrelevant GIFs and MEMEs they've been hoarding.

Long story short, some Carlos Correa 2015 Topps Chrome autographs that were not sent out in the actual product appeared for sale on the forum. The seller also appeared to have lots of cards from future 2016 Topps products.