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Phil Bickford & Tyler Beede Dual Auto Brings Me Back To Physical Cards!

I've been dabbling with Topps Digital app cards for the past month, but I snagged a baseball card off of Ebay to get back into some good ole IN YOUR HAND baseball card realness. It is a sticker auto card, but the world can't be perfect.

This was an auction where I thought the card would go for more, I put in a bid, forgot about it, and came back later to see I "accidentally" won!

2015 Bowman Draft (chrome) Prime Pairings Dual autograph of Phil Bickford and Tyler Beede. Serial numbered 11/25.

11 is a lucky number for me, I like 11. And as a Giants fan I'd, of course, like these two pitching prospects of theirs to become elite MLB arms.

Monte Irvin 1919-2016 Honored in Topps Bunt

When Monte Irvin passed away this year, the Topps Bunt app released an insert card to honor him. I nabbed one before they were "sold out." Looks like this:

Star Wars Trader 1977 Series 1 & 2 Inserts

Here are some pictures of some retro themed Star Wars Trader digital insert cards I pulled though the app. They are kind of fun because they appear miscut in the viewing window like old cards tended to be.

Topps Bunt Nick Tropeano Long Island Greats Limited Insert

The rarest card I have pulled out of Topps Bunt digital baseball card packs thus far:

Nick Tropeano Long Island Greats Limited Insert (150)

The theme of this limited insert series is, obviously, players from Long Island. I assume.

Topps Bunt Purple Arcade Inserts: Miguel Cabrera and Matt Harvey

Here are a couple of the baseball inserts that I have pulled this past week or so in the Topps Bunt digital baseball card app. Both of these cards are now labeled in their system as SOLD OUT and I think I managed to get a couple of solid players. These are the PURPLE versions of the cards pulled from ARCADE packs. I think purple was the easiest to pull.

Topps Star Wards Trader App: The Force Of Boba Fett Is With Me

After getting a tablet that runs Android apps I downloaded the Topps Bunt digital baseball card app. I'm not sure I am totally "into" digital cards, but it is somewhat fun opening virtual baseball packs, gives a little bit of that ole lottery ticket sort of buzz indeed.

And of course, if you download Topps Bunt, might as well download their other apps too, such as STAR WARS TRADER.

I admit I am not a Star Wars fan, but with all of the hype with the new movie I figured I might as well download and see if I could pull any interesting cards. So far there's a kooky alien or two that I've seen, but I guess the most prestigious (though still not very much so) card I have pulled is an insert card of Boba Fett.

The pictures are a bit blurry, but the card itself isn't exactly all that exciting looking to begin with. However, only 5,000 copies supposedly exist in cyberspace and I have one of them. A person who wants to gain some sort of collecting reward within the …