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2015 Ends With A Bunt

The year 2015 did not involve another championship for my team of choice the San Francisco Giants, nor did the New York Mets defeat the Royals as I rooted for them in the World Series. The year was not a good one for buying boxes of baseball cards in my opinion, the lottery tickets were mostly a big BUST.

I end the year with a realignment of my collection once again, not sure the exact HOLD collection, but something fun I am sure. Also, thanks to holiday sales I nabbed a cheap tablet and downloaded TOPPS BUNT app for the first time ever. It is the offseason, so, the game aspect does not seem to be in play, but I've got some digital cards now and can investigate THAT market, as people do buy and trade for such things.

My first packs of Topps Bunt digital cards opened did not land me something super, super rare, but I did wind up with two of the "rare" Gold cards of players Evan Gattis and Randal Grichuk.

Now I'll just have to get into football, soccer, and apparentl…

2015 Bowman's Best Box Break: The Best or The Finest?

I bought a single hobby box of 2015 Bowman's Best. The chrome technology of the cards reminds me more of Topps Finest than say Topps Chrome cards. They are pretty nifty cards I suppose, here's some of the box break pictures. I think I've had more fun opening Topps Finest though in comparison.

Here is the outer box, the inner boxes, and the packs:

The very first pack I opened confused me because instead of five cards it had a single thick card. This was a Hi-def Heritage insert card. I got one of these in each inner box and actually think they are a rip off taking up the entire pack by themselves.

Here are the autograph hits. Two are Green serial numbered out of /99 cards. Players: Michael Chavis, Wilmer Difo, James Kapriellian, and Kyle Tucker. I like that I got all on card autos.

The Mirror Image inserts:
Top Prospect insert:

Here are my base parallels, a blue /150 Daniel Norris RC and an Atomic refractor of Trevor Rosenthal:

and finally here are some base rookies, pros…

Quick 2015 Topps Update Retail Box Break

I opened some 2015 Topps Update baseball cards purchased from a Target store.

Here's the outside of the box:

 Here's the inside of the box:

Here's the only really notable card that I have the time to take blurry pictures of/ 2015 Topps Update CHROME Noah Syndergaard RC Gold Refractor serial numbered out of 250.

The chrome cards are nice with sparkles.

2015 Topps Tribute Re-Release Continues to Get Messy

2015 Topps Tribute was a quality control nightmare that they recalled. Check.
They are re-releasing the product that was returned, supposedly "fixed it. Check.
The configuration of the product release confuses me, Topps says you get this or that per BOX, websites selling it calls what they are selling PACKS, I can't figure it out. Check.

NOW, Topps announces what they announced about the loadout of the product is in fact wrong.

"2015 Tribute Special Edition Baseball announcement from Topps:

Please be advised due to an insertion error during the packout, six of the guaranteed relic cards in each case of ’15 Tribute Special Edition Baseball did not make it into the product. To compensate, we are sending out a special pack that contains six relics for each case you purchased to send to your customers that purchased this product. Example: if you purchased 10 cases from Topps, you will receive 10 packs."

Huh? What? So an extra pack is going to card shops and dealers I gu…

The Return of 2015 Topps Tribute: The Recalled Released Again

2015 Topps Tribute was THE product I was enthused for this year, it was my big splurge. The results were crummy autos that would wipe right off of the card due to surface coating issues (or something) and a complete product recall.

I sent in my cards and really was not impressed with what I got in return, after seeing many people really making out and getting a lot more  extra value back to them for the hassle of it all. I felt like a kind of got the short straw in all of it and it really did have some effect on my buying (or lack thereof) of baseball cards this year in terms of boxes I wanted to get. How could I trust that it would not happen again?

Now 2015 Topps Tribute is literally being put out again and I am not sure how I feel about that. Topps claims the cards have been treated, "fixed," and go so far as to say they have been re-signed, as well as now being encased. But, I have a hard time believing their claims of "fixing" at all considering my experience…