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Max Scherzer 2009 Ticket To Stardom 1/1 Plate

Here is a printing plate that is in my possession, something I randomly picked up and thought I might do something with, but then decided to put together a set of different cards and would rather trade or sell this to help with THAT goal.

And so, I had this once, and now it is on Ebay.

2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom Max Scherzer 1/1 printing plate Magenta

2015 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Break From Walmart

2015 Topps Chrome baseball cards had all sorts of issues involving its release. First, the product got pushed back in release date, however, the retail went out as previously scheduled and they had to try and pull it back off of shelves. Then after the actual release date people have been reporting that Chrome blasters at Targets and Walmarts are ringing up as only $9.99 a box instead of $19.99.

Most of the retail stores in my area did not have Chrome blasters, however, 20 minutes down the road I found a Walmart that had three. HOWEVER, they rang up at the regular price of $19.99, thus I only bought one.

Here is what a 2015 Topps Chrome blaster box looks like (my cat was double checking to make sure I pulled all of the cards out of it):

I pulled an autograph! I do not recall ever pulling an autographed baseball card from a retail product. The odds in chrome are 1:137. Of course, I did not pull one of "high value" to anyone currently, but hey, I won the lottery in terms of …

2015 Topps Finest Baseball Box Break: Are You Refracting Kidding Me?

I broke open a single box of 2015 Topps Finest. One can watch the video to hear me pronounce names wrong, almost lose a pack of the cards, and get SPITTING confused on how to tell what cards are refractors.



The winner was forum user azdbacks1998 from the BlowoutCards forum website!

I am giving these two baseball cards away for free!

One is a card that has a couple of DINGS to it on the corners and the other is a player who has DINGED up his foot or something and I think his season is over for the year.

I am posting this giveaway on the Blowoutcard forums in the contest section. If one wishes to be in on this can either post in that thread, OR comment on this post (have to figure out a way to get me your address if you win though)  - comment that you want to participate and pick a number between 1-1,000 and add that to your post. If more than one person for some reason pick the same number and that is the winning number I will randomize between those folks to pick a winner.

Winner chosen Sunday evening whenever I happen to be around sometime between 4-6 Pm PT time

1. 2015 Bowman Inception Sean Coyle AUTO/ GU serial numbered 41/50 (has white dings to the bottom left …

2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Cards 2 Box Break

Wow, these came in the mail quick, were due at my house next Wed, arrived this Saturday!

And that is the only WOW I got from the experience. These two boxes of baseball cards cost around $165 and the resell value currently without factoring in selling fees and such, is: around $20-30. How depressing is that?

HOWEVER, it IS a prospect product and I'll hold on to some of these fellows to see what they become! The box break video is below.

Cards pulled:
Sean Coyle Auto/ GU GOLD 41/50
Jorge Alfaro auto/Gu Green 37/99
Ryan McMahon auto BLUE 098/150
Luis Severino base auto
Kohl Stewart base auto
Kevin Ziomek base auto
Jake Thompson base auto
Sean Newcomb base auto
Josh Hader base auto
Steven Moya base auto

You've Got To Play To Win The Baseball Card Lottery

My baseball card collection is currently at: 0 cards. I sold them all.

To buy more!

I want to reboot my hobby in an effort to make it more enjoyable to me.

My main focus will be on the lottery ticket aspect of opening packs and boxes, because really that is what is the most fun to me. "Value" becomes a drag after a while and Ebay singles buying sometimes just becomes a show of who has the most money to buy the best cards, and that's not fun. I'm not saying that I will totally abstain from Ebay singles, but any I buy will most likely need to have some sort of reason or goal behind acquiring it, aside from just have it to have it in a drawer.

I have two boxes of 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball on their way to me next week, it will start there. I'll play around and start doing some box break videos with them.