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The Collecting Of PSA/DNA Photos Off Of Ebay

I decided to veer off of baseball cards and do more PSA/DNA autographed 8x10 and 11x14 photos. You can see some of my pickups in the previous posting. I found searching photos to be more entertaining as there tend to be more images to choose from than say on baseball cards, and yes, my previous post is celebrities, but I was looking at sports ones as well. Topps tends to reuse the same dull images all year long for every different brand of card for many of the players and I fail to the see the point in collecting the same photo over and over with different borders or colors. Thus, in the realm of PSA/DNA photos I sought more variety.

HOWEVER, after my brief stint of buying PSA/DNA photos off of Ebay I have chosen to give up on that as a new collecting/ hobby slant. Why? Well, I've had plenty of bad experiences with baseball cards, part of why I am a bit disillusioned with the hobby in terms of it even being "fun" anymore. Once I started getting these photos in the mail, …

Olivia Munn Barefoot Naked For Autographs Joined By Tom Green and Rachel Boston

Here are some PSA/DNA celebrity autographs I've picked up instead of baseball cards as of late.

First I nabbed up an 11x14 of TOM GREEN

And then I tried to win an Olivia Munn autograph and got a little too trigger happy winning 3! Currently only two have arrived the first is an 8x10 photo of a Peta ad that is unique. The second I think is from a similar photoshoot and is an 11x14 lovely.

The light reflected on that second one just perfectly odd didn't it? There is a blob of tape on the holder from the fellow who mailed it, apparently tape on the "toploader" is not just a baseball card thing.

I also got a RACHEL BOSTON 8x10