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DraftKings: Gone For Bust San Francisco Giants Style

The last of my initial $25 deposit was on the line -total $1.25. I entered a $1 and a 25 cent contest, loaded with thousands of other DraftKings competitors, my last bet until broke, a longshot, and I loaded my lineup with as many players from my favorite team that I could and could afford. And.........................................I lost. Yep, not even close to winning back a penny.

My team was:

Pitchers: Madison Bumgarner had a subpar night in terms of point providing sinking in only 13.9, whereas my secondary and cheaper Draftkings budget rolling the dice pitcher Kyle Hendricks nabbed me 17.55. My pitching overall, was weak sauce.

Catcher: Buster "who else would I pick" Posey dinked in 2 pts.

1st: Brandon "Might Lefty" Belt produced 14pts.

2nd: Joe Panik hit in 7 pts.

3rd: Mike Moustakas of the Royals chunked in 6pts.

SS: Matt Duffy of the Giants SHOULD be a 3rd base option, but I slotted him in at short and he came up strong with 16pts.

OF: Anthony Gose of the …

DraftKings: The Skill Of Losing At Gambling

DraftKings is marketed as a game of skill, but if you're not obsessive enough or able to tell the future your "skills" might not be enough to win sometimes.

I lost $13 to topple the balance of my winnings and losses to:
WIN: $33.00
LOSS: $57.50
(technically I am only out around $25 in terms of what I spent/ invested into the experience, the rest was gambling subsequent winnings, er, skilling.)

Don't get me wrong, the website is fun and even losing money it feels like you get your entertainment money's worth. It's like slot machines only you watch baseball in hopes of a player doing well. However, sometimes it's a roll of the dice, like today where I lost by a wee margin and had a player sit out of the lineup.

The MLB starting lineups website had Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies in it. The DraftKings website had him listed as playing, but apparently he was scratched due to illness quicker than I took notice, if it even occurred before there was time to ch…

DraftKings: Dexter Fowler & Paul Goldschmidt Slugfest!

A few nights ago I won five bucks and some change on DraftKings, but also lost $10 the same night, mainly I blame Sonny Gray because he tanked against the Astros. However, I ran a lineup last night that came through for a closing up of some ground between my winnings and losses.

I started DraftKings with $25 and have just been entering contests and playing on there in a rotating lose/ win pattern with the same money. (plus $3 unlocked as a part of a promotion, and one free entry to a contest that was also given to me)

The DraftKings contest I went into on May 22nd was a (Late) one in that the only players to chose from were in the later games not yet started. This made the pool of chocies smaller, but of course my opponents have to pick from the same grouping so it is actually a little bit closer a contest and therefore quick fun.

Tonight's $18 contest winning ($8 profit took 10 to enter) lineup for me was:

Pitchers: Zack Greinke was a no-brainer scoring me 21.05 pts and I backed…

Andrew Susac 2015 Topps Silver Frame /20

Here's a couple of blurry snapshots of my latest baseball card pickup. It's a 2015 Topps Silver Framed Andrew Susac serial numbered 17/20. These framed cards are neat and you can find some of them selling on the cheaper end of the low serial numbered card spectrum.

I was surprised at how heavy the card was when I took it out of the package.

Matt Duffy & His Cat Skeeter Playing Call Of Duty

Here is San Francisco Giants player Matt Duffy and his cat Skeeter...just because:

DraftKings Lineup 5/17/2015: Bryce Harper Destroys The Competition

Baseball card pulls aren't the only "lottery" I've got going on these days with MLB. My latest DraftKings fantasy baseball lineup entered into a contest was as follows. It was a "late" game tournament, I forget how many people entered, quite a few.

Pitchers:Mike Bolsinger ruled this category with 25.9 point performance and James Paxton fell short of matching him with a decent 21.8 point performance. Solid.

Catcher: Yasmani Grandal hit me in 7 pts.
1st: Adrian Gonzalez matched his teammate at 7pts.
2nd: Robinson Cano put up a big fat ZERO pts for the night.
3rd: Matt Carpenter brought in 6pts, fell one contested play at the plate away from providing me eight.
SS: Marcus Semien chipped in for 6pts. My opponents seem to always kill me with A's players, I had to have one.
OF: Bryce Harper is killing it! He earned my lineup 37 pts!
Melky Cabrera earned me 7pts and Matt Kemp did me a solid with providing 12pts.

Total score was 129.70, not the greatest of all t…

Ryder Jones 1/5 2014 Bowman Chrome

A random Ebay pickup I snagged a RED REFRACTOR of a San Francisco Giants third base prospect. I like Matt Duffy at third currently with Casey McGhee not paying off just yet for the team, but the position is probably one considered in flux as to who holds it for the long term. The Giants also have Adam Duvall slugging in the minors who plays third and then Mr. Jones here too.

2014 Bowman Chrome #BCP53 Red Refractor serial numbered 1/5 RYDER JONES

He was a second round pick by the San Francisco Giants. And because the picture won't rotate for me, here's the backside upside down.

My 2015 Tribute Recall Replacements Arrived! Five Star Is The Brand, but How Did I Do?

2015 Topps Tribute was a recalled product that I bought a box of. My three autographs were indeed smudged up and I sent them in to be replaced.
Mariano Rivera /10
Josh Donaldson /99
and a Chris Archer serial number out of 100somethingoranothercansearchmyolderblogstoseetheboxbreak.

Here is what I got in return for those three cards:

2014 Five Star Paul Goldschmidt 15/25  (that gold ink POPS nice, hilariously I bid on one of these on Ebay not too long ago and did not win)

2014 Five Star Tom Glavine 2/5

2014 Five Star Daisuke Matsuzaka 25/25

 2014 Five Star Troy Tulowitzki 30/50 (his signature plays well with that silver ink better than the two pitchers above in my opinion)

2014 Topps Kolten Wong Auto ( a sticker auto with chipped up corners)
2015 Heritage Clubhouse Collection GU Adam Jones
2015 Heritage Clubhouse Collection GU Dustin Pedroia

How did I do? I'll take it, I like the Goldy auto quite a bit.
In terms of overall value I had too many nice offers on the Rivera auto to see this …

Chris Heston Dominated The Astros & My Draft Kings Opponent

I make my picks for my fantasy baseball lineups mostly on "gut," ha ha. Perusing the fantasy baseball suggestion sites I found the Giants were not favored against the Astros really and the Astros pitcher was being suggested for folks to add to their team. On top of that I saw some sites picking Astros lefties to be sleeper picks to take Chris Heston of the Giants yard. I said poo-poo to all that noise and decided that The San Francisco Giants were going to dominate.

However, I foolishly went with two seperate lineups in two contests, getting skunked in the lower entry/ winnings contest, though coming out ahead in the bigger wager one.

My Winning Lineup:

Pitchers:Chris Heston had 10 strikeouts and threw a complete game scoring me 43.55 pts! My second pitcher that I went with was Lance Lynn because I had a gut feeling that his first time ever facing the Cleveland Indians would turn out good, it turned out 30.7 pts. My pitching duo scored more points for me than I scored in my …

My First Draft Kings Prize Win: Pablo Sandoval HR For The Victory!

After my first time ever trying and failing miserably at fantasy baseball on Draft Kings I still had some dollars left to lay down and I went with one $10 to win $18 contest and one, um, I think it was $2 to win $3.60, something like that. Both were me vs. one other person, duals!

It looked like it might be a second day of being crushed for me BUT then my sitting at the kids table of wagers paid off!

Let's show off the winning lineup. It was very touch and go, I was losing by a gap of four pts, but then came within less than a point of the other competitor. However, the Red Sox and A's game went into extra innings giving two of my players a chance to rocket me into victory.

Pitchers: Rick Porcello pitched me into a measely 5.25 pts. However, Max Scherzer and the Nationals blowing out Arizona garned me 26.15 pts. Scherzer more than made up for Porcello and my pitching out numbered the Grienke and Kazmir of my opponent.

Catcher: Tuffy Gosewisch caught me 5 pts with a hit and a …

Draft Kings Fantasy Baseball: A First Timer Gets Stomped

I gave Draft Kings a whirl, deposited $25 and picked out three different lineups of players for three different contests. In total my wagers for my first time ever trying the website ended up being $5.25 (had a free entry into one of the three contests) and I stood to potentially win $4, 059 if I came in first place across the board.

I ended up winning: $0.  And here is how.

(the concept is they give you $50,000 fake salary and you have to draft your team using it, with each player available having an assigned cost, you cannot go over your salary and you have to draft two pitchers, and one player at every other position including three outfielders.

Pitchers: Bartolo Colon and Jordan Zimmerman

Bartolo came through with 16.7 points for me, but Zimmerman who has always been a steady pitcher when I've seen him only mustered up 4.9. In fact, Jordan Zimmerman went on to help doom my entire day of fantasy baseball because I put him in all three lineups. Zimmy, Zimmy! You were…

2015 Topps Tribute Return Process Update #2

It's been over a month...of watching other people get their 2015 Topps Tribute autographs replaced by Topps due to the recall. I mailed mine on the very day of the recall from my box break HERE.

I had originally just followed their mail in procedure as laid out by their website. I sent two e-mails eventually, got no response. Then I called after a while and after seeing the first sets of people getting not only cards for their trouble ,but also e-mails giving them options to choose from for returns.

My phone call did nothing but confirm that they got my package and that they would "send something when they send something."

Today I called again....I got a different rep this time and he looked into things. First off noting that they never got any e-mails from me. And then after a good long while of holding on the phone listening to David Wright tell me time and time again that he is David Wright and letting me know Topps makes cards besides baseball cards and then listeni…

2015 Gypsy Queen Blaster Box Break: Derek Jeter In A Frame

I bought a rack box of 2015 Gypsy Queen baseball cards the other day and the Pearl framed cards were so cool I wanted to up the ante and see what there was to get out of the full blaster ala the $9.99 verses the $19.99 product.  So, that's what I did, I bought a blaster and opened it.

It seems to me that the blaster is more about minis and there weren't any Pearl frames to find. However, I did beat the 1 in 27 pack odds to pull a bronze frame.

Here's the blaster featuring Ozzie Smith and the packs. There are 8 packs in the blaster, whereas the $9.99 box is just a single clear plastic wrapped stack of cards not an actual "pack." Pulling cards out of a "pack" is much more satisfying. Ha.

Here is the design of the base cards. I thought the Satchel Paige was cool. The Eric Davis is one of the short prints, cards numbered 301 and up are SPs. So, I pulled 1 SP in this blaster and pulled 1 from the previous cheaper style box.

You get a mini baseball card p…

2015 Gypsy Queen 1 Rack Pack/Box Break

I have not been spending much money on baseball cards, still waiting for Topps to make good on 2015 Tribute recall. However, a 2015 Gypsy Queen box pack thing at the store beckoned to me, told me I should buy it and open it. One of those $9.99 boxes, not the full blaster.

I assumed there would be some packs of cards inside the box, but it was just a stack of cards wrapped in clear plastic:

I like the picture quality on these cards, though I am not a fan of the base cards or lots of Gypsy Queen in general because of the dark borders and chipping being common.
Here are some of the base cards I pulled or retired folk:

I also pulled a single SP card, though I failed to snap a picture, it looks just like the above cards and has Fernando Valenzuela on it.

2015 Gypsy Queen also has mini cards to be pulled. Here is a picture of what came out of my pack, including a retail only serial numbered out of /99.

And finally the other retail exclusive is the PEARL FRAMED or white framed base cards. …