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Box Break: 2015 Leaf Pop Century Signed Photograph Edition 8 x 10

I had to spend my Ebay bucks on SOMETHING! Ha ha.

I had some Ebay bucks to spend for April and wanted to find something that I could get in full with them and that might provide me with a new breaking experience. I have bought Leaf Pop Century autographed cards in the past, here's an old break video (skip it, I pulled Donald Trump):

BUT time to go for the autographed photo product, got me a free with Ebay bucks box of 2015 Leaf Pop Century Signed Photograph Edition 8 x 10

Here is what the box looked like:

Inside the photo was between two pieces of white cardboard and the photo itself is nicely protected in a large toploader style plastic holder with a label naming the celebrity. Also, these photos are PSA/DNA authenticated:

Ladies and gentleman, I present, a topless Tony Curtis hanging on a rope:

 Tony Curtis was an actor with a career spanning six decades. Born in 1925, perished in 2010. Oscar nominated for his role in The Defiant Ones, but some say his best performance was in…

2015 Topps Tribute Return Process Update

I sent in my damaged autographed cards to Topps from a box of 2015 Topps Tribute as a part of their recall. I had not heard anything from them in return, mailed the package March 20th. Then I saw other people stating they mailed theirs even later than me and already got replacements.

I called Topps today and was informed that the address that their website told me to mail the package to is not the same one they want Tribute returns to go to. Apparently there was a different address, um, not provided to me. I was put on hold to the sounds of David Wright of the New York Mets saying hello or something and some very loud music.

The Topps fellow returned and told me what cards I had sent in, which I had not personally stated (Rivera, Donaldson, Archer) to let me know that the package was received. Then he said "they're working on it."

Other people have been sharing stories of how Topps gave them a list of replacement choices and all sorts of nice dealings, but me, I got &quo…

Joan Gregorio 2014 Bowman Platinum Autograph Red 09/25!

Bored and surfing Ebay, this was a spur of the moment, BUY IT NOW card pickup.

Joan Gregorio 2014 Bowman Platinum Autograph Red 09/25!

It was $7.99 shipped

Maybe he makes it to the show, maybe he doesn't, most likely a bullpen arm in the works sort of project for the Giants. MLB has him listed as the 22nd top prospect. He's listed as 6 foot 7 and only 180 pounds.

2015 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1: Baseball Card Collectors Take Notice! 1 Blaster Break

The first series of Garbage Pail kids trading card/ stickers of 2015 came out with a special celebration of baseball involved as a theme. Amongst the checklist of all new gross-out characters are many baseball characters as well as characters printed on baseball card stock instead of just being stickers. Further more, there are baseball variation short prints that sell pretty well on Ebay and to top it all off: autographs from actual baseball players. The baseball player autographs are on stickers and the characters drawn on the cards don't look much of anything like the actual ballplayer, but if you're a Joey Votto, or one of the other players featured, collector don't you want it anyway?

I collected Garbage Pail Kids stickers when I was a kid. I had a whole shoebox full. Those original 1980s stickers are fairly valuable these days. What did I do with mine? Took them to school and on a field trip my pals and I stuck them all over the walls and items of the place we were …

Willie McCovey 1/1 2012 Topps 14k Gold Embedded

Baseball cards always interest me when there is some other angle of collectability to it. For example, I am a fan of printing plates because they have appeal to oddball collectors outside of baseball cards, people into the printing process or machinery works and such. Thus, when Topps decided one year to put diamonds on their cards and then little pieces of gold another year, I was intrigued.

Fast forward to 2015 and my looking for interesting 1/1 San Francisco Giants baseball cards, my team of choice obviously if you haven't noticed in my other blog postings, and up pops a Willie McCovey card. Everything was aligned: the price was right on the Buy It Now, I wanted one of these cards, he's a legendary Giant, and it was a 5X Ebay bucks day! Not to mention I wanted a cool card after 2015 Topps Tribute left a bad taste in my mind. And thus, it arrived in the mail today.

Someone had to beat some serious odds to get this card from Topps!