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Chris Stratton 1/1 Black Printing Plate 2014 Bowman Draft Picks

Well, 2015 Topps Tribute wasn't the collecting reboot I had hoped for. However, I did pick up a cheap printing plate single off of Ebay with some of the sales from the 2015 Tribute base and game used cards.

2014 Draft Picks and Prospects CHRIS STRATTON 1/1 printing plate for the color Black

Chris is listed by MLB's website as the Giants Top #13 prospect. He had some set backs previously after being hit in the head with a ball. However, he has been in spring training here in 2015, and has had some good and bad moments, pitch control seems to be an "issue" of popular discussion involving him.

Box Break: 2015 Topps Tribute!! Ahhhhh

I got my box of 2015 Topps Tribute and opened it. It seemed the easier course of action than trying to go through the Ebay return process while losing my Ebay bucks and return shipping.  Topps is doing a recall on the damaged autos and mine are indeed damaged. But what a nice damaged one I did manage to pull!

Here is what the box and the packs look like:

Here are some of the base cards and I pulled a Joc Pederson RC 01/50

THE GAME USED HITS: Willie McCovey /50, Dustin Pedroia /199, and Derek Jeter /150
The autos: Josh Donaldson /99 and Chris Archer /199 BOTH cards feature some smear and light streaks through the autos and the big hit of the box was
MARIANO RIVERA PURPLE serial numbered 09/10 auto AND...the first part of his name is smudged out on the auto to a bad degree.

2015 Topps Tribute: To Be Recalled?

Well, my first box of baseball cards in forever and here I sit awaiting the product amongst controversy. 2015 Topps Tirbute had an interesting sales pitch about all on card autos and applying customer suggestions. However....

It seems that these $250+ boxes of baseball cards are being opened and all of the autographs are smudged, bubbled, almost non existent having been wiped off of the card etc. Yikes!

When the news broke with the first cards hitting Ebay I tried to remain positive. However, as more and more people opened the product to reveal damaged cards my hopes were dashed.

I DO NOT have my box yet. I contacted the Ebay seller to see if they planned to ship them out still or to gauge their take on the issue. If they were willing I was thinking I would just take a refund, seeing as the product is not marked as shipped yet by them I assumed maybe i could save us all the hassle of a return if that is the route I ended up needing to take. The seller does have a 14 day return policy,…

Baseball Season Soon To Return: Baseball Collecting Mode GO!

It's been a couple of months since I have bought any baseball cards or posted to this blog. This will change with a little 2015 Topps Tribute coming out soon!

Currently the only baseball card I own is the Gypsy Queen Matt Cain auto from the blog post prior to this one.

I've decided to give 2015 Topps Tribute a shot because I am being suckered in by the "improvements" advertising about all of the autos being on card and customer suggestions having been used for the approach and design of the product.

We shall see. At around $250 a box, my first box of 2015 could kill my mood for the rest of the season! Ha ha.

When it comes to collecting baseball cards, I think buying singles off of the Internet just does not bring the same amount of fun I had as a kid collecting. The thrill comes with pulling a cool card, more so than anything.

Well, here's to hoping the product releases on time! And the generic sales info on 2015 Topps Tribute is posted below just for giggles…