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Cal Ripken Jr. 1996 Ultra Seasons Crowns BGS 9.5

As a kid collecting baseball cards my favorite player to collect was first Frank Thomas. However, Cal Ripken Jr. cards become another favorite to go after. And thus, I add my first Cal Ripken Jr. card to my newly begun baseball card collection. I am a sucker for see-through insert cards.

1996 Ultra Season Crowns #8 Cal Ripken

The Start Of Something Mickey Mantle: A BGS Foursome Collection

I was watching the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals series and Bryce Harper had just swatted another big HR, and someone mentioned that he reminded them of Mickey Mantle. And for some reason that made me want a Mickey mantle card. Not having any sacks of gold lyring around to trade for valuable vintage I decided to nab some lower cost modern cards. This may be just the beginning, because once you have four Mickey Mantle cards, why not get four more?

The cards in the picture are as follows:
1. 1992 Pinnacle Mantle Mickey Mantle #13 BGS 9.5 GEM MINT
2. 1997 Topps Finest #33 Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays "Manager's Dream" BGS 9.5 GEM MINT

3. 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Collection #1999 Mickey Mantle 1999 BGS 9 MINT
4. 2007 Topps #7 Mickey Mantle BGS 9.5 GEM MINT

This collection needs the 2007 Topps Derek Jeter with Mantle and Bush in the crowd to be added to it!

A Barry and Barry BGS Mail Day: Bonds & Larkin 9.5 Gold Label Diamond Kings

I did not have very much to spend in Ebay bucks, but spend them right away I did! I bought the first two graded cards that tickled my fancy, neither one exactly high end, but fun for me as a collector to get. Well, the Bonds holder is kind of scuffed up, there was something on the back that ay have been chocolate, and it took the seller over a week to get it mailed to me, but "free" is free I guess.

1998 Topps Gold Label Class 2 #65 Barry Bonds BGS graded Gem Mint 9.5

and 1991 Donruss #5 Barry Larkin Diamond King BGS graded 9.5 Gem Mint

Matt Cain 1/1 2010 T-206 Printing Plate Yellow

Per-usual I am refocusing my collection, sold off every single baseball card previously featured in this blog, needed some cash and the Giants making it into the playoffs motivated me to grab the few extra bucks I could from my collection. HOWEVER, it all starts again!

My first card going into the PC is a San Francisco Giant who went off to have surgery in 2014. I hope he comes back strong in 2015, as the surgery was to clear up a problem that has been bugging him for a couple of seasons now I do believe, Matt Cain with a fresh arm could be dangerous.

I really liked 2010 T-206 cards, I used to have every Buster Posey card aside from 1/1s that were released in that series as part of my super Buster Posey collection I started that year and then sold off.  So, when I saw this Matt Cain at a reasonable price I had to have it. My main motivation in baseball cards is to have fun with it as a hobby and to collect cards that are cool to me. There may be an emphasis on graded cards (love the h…

A Rare Brandon Belt Rookie: 2011 Allen & Ginter's Mini BAZOOKA BACK /25

Here is a Brandon Belt baseball card that I got this year, his prices at auction have been pretty low, though set price sales of his cards sellers still want your first born and a new car for his cards. I picked this one up on an auction. I think Giants fans are still waiting for Brandon Belt to break out as a superstar and many may still see 2014 has having been a breakout year even if he was injured for most of it and not playing, he keeps showing such nice flashes of potential. He is a fun player to watch. *I sold this soon after posting to this blog*

2011 Allen & Ginter's Brandon Belt RC Mini Bazooka Back serial numbered 08/25

Madison Bumgarner 2014 Bowman PURPLE ICE 03/10

Here is the Madison Bumgarner 2014 Bowman Purple Ice serial numbered 03/10 I picked up earlier this year. He has had a great year. It's also a good and bad thing when your favorite players have good seasons, the good being obvious, the bad being it makes their cards a little more expensive to come by.

*I sold this soon after posting to this blog*