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Completed The Set: 2013 Topps Finest Base & REFRACTORS!

I completed the entire 2013 Topps Finest base card set and then I went and did it all again with the 2013 Topps Finest REFRACTOR set. I toyed with the idea of continuing onward with X-fractors and Green Refractors, but trying to put together the base refractor set was annoying enough ala people wanting either (what I determined to be) too much money or sending me base cards when I paid for refractor and so on. BUT I DID IT! The hardest to get card was the Yasiel Puig RC refractor. At the time of my searching it was selling for $4-6 on Ebay, yet people with BUY IT NOW prices were not willing to go that low and then the only auctions were all shilled when I bid, ugh. The shilled auctions went for around the right amount, a little over on a couple, but I got irritated and decided I would just buy one outright off of Sportslot.

After I finished off the sets I penny sleeved all of them and put them into a 400 count box; these count boxes never seem to hold the amount they say; I know, I k…

A Good 2013 Finest Oswaldo Arcia Green /125 Auto Story Bad Bumgarner /50 Mini Sepia Story

A couple of cards I got in the mail recently, an up and a down in collecting. Let's start on a positive note.

Perhaps not the most valuable redemption to have, but I pulled a redemption card for a 2013 Topps Finest RC Autograph of OSWALDO ARCIA. It is the green refractor version serial numbered 029/125. The good of the story is this is the quickest turnaround I've ever experienced on a redemption. Always seems to take months, this card arrived in a quick amount of time after redeeming for sure.

Now for a card that I bought off of Ebay. A 2014 Gypsy Queen Mini Sepia of MADISON BUMGARNER serial numbered 15/50. The card took 18 days to arrive. 18. And then when it arrived I had to cut the card out of the holder because of the tape. And on top of that the edges of the card are chipped up pretty bad. YOu can see the rough top edge in the picture, you can also see the slash in the penny sleeve from when I cut it out of the holder.