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Brandon Crawford 2011 Red Refractor Rookie /5

This is a rare baseball card I used to have of Brandon Crawford 2011 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor. In 2014 he seems to have gotten stronger at the plate, if he puts together more of that and more of the cool defense he is capable of hopefully he has an award winning year at his position some year.

Brandon Belt Gives Some People A Little Wood

Ran across a picture for another baseball card I used to have, but sold. Think it was a serial numbered out of 5 Wood Mini from Gypsy Queen, the year escapes me.

2014 Archives Aroldis Chapman Printing Plate Cyan

I've been semi-printing plate happy lately. (whatever that meant) Gots me a 2014 Topps Archives #92 Aroldis Chapman printing plate 1/1 for the color Cyan.

I like how the team name is displayed on the retro design, unless I come up with some specific collecting project idea I want to hold it for probably try to move this along to a Reds fan.

Jake Marisnick RC 2014 Archives Printing Plates Times 2

It's been a long while since I updated this blog. The fact is when I opened that box of 2014 Museum collection and pulled the Mike Trout /5 auto and Derek Jeter cards I felt like I won the lottery and it was time to take a rest from playing at all! Go out on top! However, as the baseball season and card release season goes on sometimes one gets bored and visits the ole Ebay. I bid on a Jake Marisnick rookie printing plate card from 2014 Archives and won. And then I saw one of its rare twins also on Ebay and decided to bring them together.

2014 Topps Archives #22 Jake Marisnick RC Printing plate BLACK 1/1

2014 Topps Archives #22 Jake Marisnick RC Printing plate MAGENTA 1/1

My cat really had the hots for these printing plates for some reason while I was trying to take the pictures.