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2014 Museum Collection Baseball Card BOX BREAK: Rare MIKE TROUT Joins The Yankees!

I purchased a single box of 2014 Topps Museum Collection baseball cards from Ebay seller Mvpsportsandgames.

There were four of those smaller boxes within the bigger box and then one pack of baseball cards within each smaller box.

Here are what a couple of base cards and then a Canvas Collection Reprint card look like. There is one Canvas collection art card per main box (ala one per 4 lil boxes), but there are also rare 1/1 original versions of the cards to be found too. Mine is not a 1/1, but it is David Wright though.

Here is the only base parallel card that I pulled. It is a Bryce Harper Green serial numbered out of /199.

Now we get to the HITS!

The first pack that I opened featured this quad relic of some Yankee greats. It is serial numbered out of 75. Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly, Mariano Rivera, and Andy Pettitte. The pitchers are represented by cloth and the hitters with wood.

The second pack that I opened featured a dual relic autograph of the White Sox player Avisail Garcia. …