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Brandon Belt 2012 Tribute Auto Printing Plate Cyan 1/1

The 2014 baseball season has begun! My baseball card collection is currently a single card and here it is: 2012 Topps Tribute Brandon Belt Auto plate 1/1 for the color Cyan

Matt Cain Prospect/ RC Printing Plate

A printing plate for an early Matt Cain card that I had in my possession at one time...sold it on the ole Ebay.

Brandon Belt A-Go-Go

Here are some Brandon Belt cards that I sold in the not so distant past. I was thinking of making a big PC of his cards, but got soured on the idea after trying to deal with other collectors/ sellers that were annoying.

Silver Slate Serial numbered  /10

Even More Cards I Used To Have But Sold: Giants Plates and Autos

My baseball card collection has been whittled down to a single card! (I'm sure it shall be replenished)  Here were some of the last batch that I sold off:

Matt Cain Gypsy Queen Auto & GU serial numbered out of 25

I've had a few of these Heath Hembree Purple autos out of /25, but this was the only graded one if I recall.

Chris Stratton AUTO plate