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Gary Brown 2010 Bowman Draft Printing Plate A Bye Bye

I sold my Gary Brown 2010 Bowman Draft prospect card 1 of 1 printing, he will now rebound and become an elite prospect once again! Gary Brown was the San Francisco Giants' number one prospect and there was some value to his baseball cards, however, a rough couple of seasons saw his card value drop. I bought this printing plate at somewhere around $20 if I recall. I won it in an Ebay auction and felt that it was indeed the current value for the wavering on "bust" status of the player. (Note: he'll rebound now and the values will skyrocket because I resold the card for $20.) I saw some other Gary Brown plates for sale from 2010 Bowman and at one time I thought I might piece together a few of them. However, the people that held them on Ebay at the time were after crazy people prices. I offered a few bucks more than what I paid for mine on one that was listed at like $999 on Ebay. They countered my offer at like $990 or something. Bah.

Here's a picture o…