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A Cool Card I Once Had: Pablo Sandoval 2012 Triple Threads WHITE WHALE

Here is a Pablo Sandoval white whale I bought and then sold at a losss. It was my second white whale style printing plate/ patch/ autographed card to ever own, with the first being a Madison Bumgarner that I also eventually sold. This one I let go because I needed to make some cash to cover for another purchase I made, which I did by selling a video game on Ebay. However, the person never paid me for the video game so I sold the card just to make sure I was covered.

Pablo Sandoval hitting for the CYCLE was one of the most memorable moments from the San Francisco Giants dismal 2011 season. Well, positive moments that is. Buster Posey having his leg destroyed easily stands out as a negative one.

2013 Bowman Chrome Blaster Break: What A Homer

I never need a reminder as to why NOT to buy retail baseball cards. However, here and there, for some reason I throw away common sense and will grab a blaster box at Target; common sense and over $20.

I bought a single blaster box of 2013 Bowman Chrome. 1 autograph in every five boxes! Here's a blurry picture of the box.

The quality control at Topps must be about as focused as my picture is because the majority of the cards found within my sealed blaster were in poor condition. The "chrome" technology left open cracks/ breaks in the surfaces of the cards. There are "pits" in the surfaces of the cards and the edges of the cards are all rough enough that chunks flake off if you rub your finger along them.

You get 7 packs in the box plus 1 bonus pack.  So, you get 8 packs, one of them is plain silver foil as this picture shows.

The 3 cards inside of the plain pack were all X-fractor cards.

One of the better cards from the break was a Jose Fernandez base rookie …