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Cool Cards I Had For A Brief Time: Yankees Prospects and Atomic Gary Brown ++

Here are some more cards that came to be in my possession and were sold or traded for one reason or another:

Gary Brown 2013 Bowman Platinum Atomic Refractor AUTO serial numbered 1/5.

Adam Jones 2013 Topps Tribute auto

Wil Myers and Christian Colon Dual Auto from 2011 ITG  - it had a stated print run of 1/1! ITG makes some cool looking cards, but for some sad reason the value isnt there due to lack of team logos.

Peter O'Brien and Austine Aune 2012 Bowman Sterling PURPLE dual auto serial numbered 09/10. Good grief it took me forever to get this one sold, tried to trade it to no avail and then in selling kept having non-paying bidders on Ebay.

 A quirky thing about the above card is in front of Aune on the bottom picture there is a red blob in front of him. It is not damage, but rather looks like a piece of something that just got into the picture and got outlined...or something. All of their dual autos from this series features that red blob.