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Cool Cards I Had For A Brief Time: Yadier Molina, Cal Ripken Jr. and Frank Thomas

Here is a trio of cards I had in my possession at one point this year. Sold them. Cal Ripken Jr. BGS graded auto, Frank Thomas auto, and Yadier Molina with Victor Martinez dual auto.

Box Break: 2013 Allen & Ginter's Hobby Box

I opened a single hobby box of this:

I mean I really, really opened it! I was looking inside the box for hidden 1/1 cards that Topps snuck into the box luck.

The first thing I got in my 2013 Allen and Ginter's hobby box was a boxloader cabinet card. It's a really big card. Here's mine:
A big work of art right? It deserves to be put on a wall right next to a Farrah Fawcett poster:
Too bad I don't have any such poster or a free wall, guess I will just lose the cabinet card in a cabinet or something.

The HITS from the box were three game used cards that sell for about $3 or less if you sold them altogether on Ebay (ahem, before fees):

Those are Alex Gordon, Aroldis Chapman, and Michael Bourn. Here's some of the rest of what I got from the box:

RCs: Shelby Miller, Manny Machado, Anthony Rendon, Jurickson Profar

SPs: (cards numbered between 301-350 are short printed)
Brandon McCarthy #302
Darwin Barney #307
Hal Newhouser #316
Matt Kemp #319
Justin Morneau #…

Box Break: 10 Pack Extreme Value Repack from Target

I bought and opened one of these repackaged boxes of cards from Target with an advertised 40% of savings with 10 packs of baseball cards within:

Here is what I got!

1. 2003 Flair HOBBY PACK

Well, I got a base Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols...

2. 2012 Topps Series 1 Jumbo pack

Nothing exciting, here are the inserts that came out of it. Considering his being dropped into the minors by the Mariners and then suspended for PED connections, I'm not sure if Jesus Montero has a "Golden Future."

3. 2012 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Pack

Um, nothing to really speak of in this pack either. Here's the inserts:

4. 1989 Fleer

Sorry if the picture of the cards is blurry, my cat wouldn't hold still:

5. 2012 Topps Series 2

Nothing special to report from this pack either. However, Torii Hunter and Hank Conger seemed to have enjoyed me opening it:

6. 2012 Topps Series 1

Nothing of grand value was found within the above pack. However, the Golden Moments Frank Thomas insert was kind of cool, though…

Blaster Box Break: What You Get Inside 2013 Bowman Platinum

I opened one blaster box of 2013 Bowman Platinum baseball cards.

8 packs per box, 4 cards per pack.

Here are what the base veteran and rookie cards look like:

Here are some of the prospect cards:

I did not pull anything exciting from my blaster box, felt like a losing lottery ticket. However, as you will see I sort of beat the odds on the number of inserts/ parallels I pulled out, though they were not astonishing odds to begin with. I guess if one of the prospects from the product turns into the next Yasiel Puig then I may have some value in the future, but really, many of the prospects from this series already have other prospect cards that came out in earlier products, including past years of Bowman Platinum, so, their 2013 version isn't exactly going to be a little bar of gold.

Many of the cards had very rough cut and flaky edges.

Here are the Top Prospects insert cards that I pulled: odds 1 in every 5 packs (I took the picture with the flash on to make use of the Bowman Pla…

Into The Vault: Madison Bumgarner 2013 Allen & Ginter Mini Framed Printing Plate

Here's some recent Madison Bumgarner baseball cards I got off of Ebay for my collection.

I'm going to need a new toploader for the Platinum Gold as that one has been murdered by tape and won't fit in a regular holder. I think 2010 Platinum had thick and thin versions of the gold cards and what I have is the thick there. Here's what RCs are in the above picture:

2010 Allen & Ginter #6 - Madison Bumgarner RC
2010 Topps #105 - Madison Bumgarner RC
2010 Bowman Platinum #73 - GOLD (thick)- serial #'d 386/539 - Madison Bumgarner RC

The higher end cards above (though I guess I won the orange for a nickel technically) are:
2013 Topps Tribute #69 - Orange - serial numbered 15/50 - Madison Bumgarner

2013 Allen & Ginter #210 - Mini Framed Black Printing Plate - Madison Bumgarner

OF COURSE in my wheeling and dealing I ended up losing  all of those cards except for the printing plate.

The Complete Set: 1995 Topps Stadium Club Clear Cut Insert

I put together the entire insert set for 1995 Stadium Club Clear Cut cards. These cards are clear cards that you can look right through. Pretty nifty. Of course my set is a little shuffled in terms of if you don't like variations to be involved. Some of the cards are the regular style as pulled from packs. However, Topps did a promotion where they made a limited number of complete sets and sold them to collectors with a special "Members Only" symbol engraved into the card. Some of my Clear Cuts are from those supposedly more rare sets that over the years got busted up - it can be quite costly if you were going to try to piece together the Members Only variations.

There are 28 cards in the set:
1. Mike Piazza (Members Only)
2. Ruben Sierra (Members Only)
3. Tony Gwynn
4. Frank Thomas
5. Fred McGriff
6. Palmerio (Members Only)
7. Bobby Bonilla (Members Only)
8. Chili Davis (Members Only)

9. Hal Morris
10. Jose Canseco
11. Jay Bell
12. Kirby Puckett
13. Gary Sheffie…

File Into The "Do Not Mail Me Stuff Like This" File: Bumgarner Destruction

I got three packages in the mail today containing baseball cards, bought from three different sellers on Ebay.

One of the packages was a single Joe Carter card I needed for an insert set. It cost me a penny plus shipping. The seller packaged the card wonderfully, no tape ruining the card, awesome.

Then I got a package with a lil bit more valuable a card in it, granted it was still a small change purchase, but it was for a Madison Bumgarer serial numbered out of 50 card and then the base card. Both from the high end Tribute series. Here is how that came:

Doesn't look too bad at first glance maybe, however, that is two thick cards crammed together in the same holder with no penny sleeve protection at all. I pulled and pulled with all of my might and eventually just had to destroy the top of the non serial numbered one in order to get the serial numbered one out of the holder. I would have left them in the holder and gotten a return, but with the buyer having to pay return shipping …

The Surprise Manny Machado Redemption From Donruss Elite

Once upon a time I opened a box of Donruss Elite. I think it was 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition. My box was the "hot box" and had ten autos in it, one of which was a redemption. When I looked up the checklist and who the player was going to be it said one thing, but when I typed it into the redemption system: woo-hoo it said MANNY MACHADO. The error was in the checklist I had looked at; don't recall what player I thought I was getting. It took a very long time to get the redemption and when it showed up Manny Machado was a known prospect, but not exactly the IT guy at the moment in the prospecting game. However, the card was also serial numbered out of 25!

Here was the card recieved:

I do not recall what I sold it for exactly. I think it went for $45-60. Recently one of these cards sold on Ebay for $125 and another for $249!

I was excited to be getting the card, but disappointed in the production of it as the autograph was on a sticker and the sticker looked very out …