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Into The Vault: A Foursome With A Swimsuit Model

Here are a couple of cards I am adding to the keeper collection.

2013 Topps Archives 4 in 1 sticker #69S-WRYC - Ted Williams / Frank Robinson / Carl Yastrzemski/ Miguel Cabrera

and these guys are going to find themselves laying in a box with a:

2008 Benchwarmer Signature Series #51 Jaime Bergman autograph. I chose to keep her auto out of a Benchwarmer break more or less on a random whim. Well, that and I remember watching that show Son Of The Beach that she was on; ha ha.

Box Break: 2008 BenchWarmer Signature Series - A Kiss From Claudia Jordan

Um, yeah, baseball, one of the ladies in this set may have been holding a baseball bat, not sure, was too busy looking at the, um, the, girl's personalities.

2008 Bench Warmer Signature Series trading cards feature models in their underwear and swimsuits! There are 10 packs per box with one autograph per pack. The outfits on the box are too risque for Google blogs so here's what the box sort of looks like; and the back so you can see the rarity odds of pulls:

Really the only card I think I can show here without getting told I am too sexy for blogging is the cool Claudia Jordan KISS CARD! Serial numbered out of 50 these cards are 1 in 30 packs - 1 in 3 boxes. I actually recognized her from having seen her on the show Celebrity Apprentice.

The other "hits" that I pulled were:
Spencer Scott - Red back auto - odds 1 in 30 packs

Base autos of:
Jaime Bergman
Jen Sibley
Mia St. John (2 of these, yep same card twice)
Lisa Ligon
Tiffany Sleby
Sherry Goggin (has an inscription &quo…

1995 Topps Stadium Club Clearcut Inserts: Regular Vs Members Club

I opened a box of 1995 Stadium Club and pulled a Clearcut insert card and thought: cool. I wanted to see more of them. So: I got more of them.

These insert cards are like see-through plexiglass replica kinda of things. 90s inserts were great weren't they! There are 28 total cards in the insert set I do believe. I've gotten all but 10 of them. However, one thing a person who is collecting these may want to know is that there are variations! There is the regular Clearcut insert you could pull from a hobby box and then there is the Members Only version which was sold to people who joined the "Stadium Club." The difference? The Members Only versions have a small circle embedded into the card, which if you could read it (kind of hard to do on see through material says: Members Only. The Albert Belle there in the forefront is a Members Only (circle in the left bottom of the card's front), the Ken Griffey Jr. and Gary Sheffield are not. My lot of these cards is a mix o…

Blast From The Past: Buster Posey RC Printing Plate

Here is an out of focus Youtube video of one of the many Buster Posey RC printing plates that I know longer have!

Blast From The Past: Awesome Madison Bumgarner Cards I Used To Own

I found some pictures of a few of the Madison Bumgarner baseball cards I used to own. Sad. Me wants them back!

Box Break: 1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 Hobby Box!

I used my Ebay bucks from this past month to buy a retro box of baseball cards. Presenting a 1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 Hobby Box:

24 packs per box, 14 baseball cards per pack. The cards were "bricked" together like many old cards can be, so if you get your own box be prepared for some sticking together heartbreak if you peel them apart too fast and rip some color off of the front of some of the cards.

What cards are you trying to chase in 1995 Topps Stadium Club series 2? Well, they had phone cards and when you used the card to call a special number you had a chance to win a cool prize. The odds of pulling a phone card are 1:96 packs - I beat the odds! (and win nothing for it expired in 95/96)

SILVER RING LEADERS PHONE CARD: (1990 All-Star Game Wrigley Field Chicago)
When you open a full hobby box of 1995 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 you have 1:24 pack odds at three other special insert cards, ala you should pull one of each. The coolest one I think is the first one out…

Used/ Redeemed Redemption Cards On Ebay: Should There Really Be A Market for these?

A move becoming more popular on Ebay seems to be selling USED redemption cards. Is there really a market for such things? And if there is going to be a market for such, shouldn't a collector of such things keep in mind: there could be a pretty good chance that someone might start taking USED redemption cards of cheaper players and just printing out their own sticker front to go on the front of the code card of a more desireable player or rarer pull. What is the point in collecting these then? Might as well just type out the name of your favorite player on your printer and collect that.

Some people are listing these and taking advantage of people who do not bother to read before they bid. Of course that should just be a joke on the seller because a buyer is not going to lose to Ebay even if they do word it as least I doubt they would be. I've seen cases like this on Judge Judy and The People's Court where people make auctions for things such as a cellphones or ca…