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Blaster Box Break: 2013 Topps Archives Baseball / full breakdown

I bought a single blaster box of 2013 Topps Archives baseball cards.

There were 8 packs in the box, here is what I got inside:

Gallery Of Heroes (odds 1 in 34 packs):
Buster Posey #GH-BP

1972 Basketball Design:
Dave Winfield #72B-DW

Mini Tall Boy:
Kevin Mitchell #MT-KM

1983 All Stars:
Mike Schmidt #83-MS
Tony Gwynn #83-TG

1969 4 in 1 sticker:
Ted Williams/ Frank Robinson/ Carl Y./Miguel Cabrera #69S-WRYC

Dual Fan Favorites:
John Mayberry / Billy Butler #DFF-MB

1972  style Topps Base:
Brock Holt RC
Derek Jeter
Roy Halladay
Mike Morse
Wade Miley
Prince Fielder
Jon Lester
Ryan Braun
Ryne Sandberg
Wade Boggs
Adrian Gonzalez
Sterling Marte
Dwight Gooden
Miguel Cabrera

1982 Topps Base:
Shelby Miller RC
Joey Votto
C.J. Wilson
Matt Cain
Cole Hamels
Joe Morgan
Fernando Rodney
Cliff Lee
Jacoby Ellsbury
Curtis Granderson
Tony Perez
David Freese
Jackie Robinson

1985 Topps Base:
Jurickson Profar RC
Kendry Morales
Tom Brunansky
Aaron Hill
Billy Butler
Salvador Perez

Custom Hot Pack Adventure #1: The Conclusion

So, if you check out this previous post, you can see I played around with making custom "hot pack deals" on Ebay.  - THIS HERE POST HERE THIS ONE

I made 10 of these packs and out of the 10, 3 sold! Well, one person bought 2 and another person bought 1 (and as of this posting has not paid, maybe they will, the one who bought 1.) Any way, here is the breakdown of how things turned out overall. (the packs sold at $10 a piece, just retail packs with me adding two autographs in toploaders)

The packs that did not sell I could not help but open up.

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!! If you happened to be one of the people who bought a pack and do not want to know what you have coming to you in the mail ala they may not have arrived yet, do not read on! SPOILER SPOILER SPOILERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Okay here was how the ten packs broke down

1. 2011 Topps Chrome pack - UNSOLD - buyer would have gotten a 2011 Goodwin Champions Oil Can Boyd Auto and a Ty Linton 2011 Donruss auto. Plus these cards f…

The Baseball Card Lottery Custom Hot Pack Adventure #1

I had some spare credit to play with and even though I don't really have a baseball card collection right now I enjoy baseball cards. Thus, I turned my spare credit into a few baseball cards, nothing too fancy, and I decided it would be fun to do some custom "hot pack" auctions on Ebay to send them right back out the door.

Only putting together 10 packs and here is what is going to be up for grabs. People will get one pack of cheapo retail baseball cards, not opened or searched in any way, and then two guaranteed autographed baseball cards aside from the pack.