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And So The White Whale Escapes: Madison Bumgarner

Sold most of my small card collection. Just took $120 for my Madison Bumgarner White Whale due to several parts on the car breaking all at once and needing the spare change. Sometimes selling cards can be as fun as collecting them though and it's sort of fun restarting a collection when possible, though sometimes you wish you had back some of the 1/1s and such you had once. At one point I was the owner of a whole lot of Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner rookie printing plates.

Mail Day: Zack Wheeler 2012 Bowman Sterling 1/1 Printing Plate Yellow

Zack Wheeler used to be the top pitching prospect in the San Francisco Giants organization. He is now a prospect soon to be ready to be called up by the New York Mets. He was traded to them for Carlos Beltran which is a trade that sticks in the craw of Giants fans who wanted Hunter Pence that year not Beltran who did a lot of sitting around with a bum knee. Pence ended up with the Giants any way, but here's to hoping Zack Wheeler never pitches a gem of a game against them!

Mail Day: Addison Reed RC 2012 Bowman Black Printing Plate

I got this in the mail today. The closer (shutting the door tight for the most part!) for the Chicago White Sox Addison Reed. The 1 of 1 printing plate for the color black from 2012 Bowman.