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My Top 3 Selling Baseball Cards From 2010

A blast from the past article in which I highlighted the three baseball cards that I sold for the most money in 2010. There is a picture of a 2010 Topps Chrome Gold Stephen Strasburg Rookie Auto in the article.

The 3 Baseball Cards I Sold For The Most $$$ In 2010

Mail Day: Jospeh Staley 2012 Bowman Chrome Yellow Printing Plate

I got this San Francisco Giants prospect printing plate in the mail all the way from South Korea. The blurry picture steals away some of the plate detail.

Mail Day: Colby Rasmus 2012 Prizm Gold 09/10

This baseball card is one of those got bored and bid did not expect to win but accidentally did things. 2012 Prizm Gold serial numbered 09/10 of Colby Rasmus. I wanted to see what a Gold Prizm looked like due to all the hoopla over them from other sports. I think the card is really cool even without the legit MLB uniforms or logos being in the picture. It seems that Prizm did not live up to any sort of hype there may have been in regards to value amongst the baseball collecting community though. Some of the Golds have gone for decent scratch, but most seem to be a victim of an already saturated market of refractors and colors with official MLB uniforms on them via Topps. Collectors can possibly pick up some cool low serial numbered cards of there favorite players if they are not of elite superstar status or hot flavor of the week players.

Box Break: 2013 Gypsy Queen 1 Blaster Box

I got a 2013 Gypsy Queen baseball card blaster box from Target. 8 packs of cards.

The most notable pull was a Mike Schmidt relic
The card below it is a Roberto Clemente SP (short print.) I also got an SP of Alcides Escobar.

Other than that, base cards, base minis, no oddball variations, and then some not so exciting inserts, well exciting players like Nolan Ryan and Yu Darvish, but not exciting in terms of major rare pull :P.

Mail Day: Joe Panik 2012 Bowman Platinum Red Refractor

Joe Panik 2012 Bowman Platinum Red Refractor serial #19/25. I got it for $3.48 off Ebay.

Madison Bumgarner 2012 Platinum Printing Plate Mail Day

Today in the mail I got a 2012 Bowman Platinum MADISON BUMGARNER printing plate 1 of 1 for the color Cyan. I got it with my Ebay bucks certificate for the month - woot! *UPDATE* I have sold both of these cards.*

SOLD IT: Brandon Belt 2012 Chrome Red Refractor

I had 2 Brandon Belt 2012 Topps Chrome Red Refractors, but also wanted a fancy coffee drink, so who needs two? I sold serial 05/25 for $10.60. I paid $3 and something for it. The coffee was $4.25. It was refreshing.