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The Jonathan Murphy Blank Back 1/1 Sold

I did a post about two printing plates I had of Minnesota Twins prospect Johnathan Murphy. Well, I also had his 2012 Bowman Draft Topps Vault 1/1 Blank Back card. This is basically his base card only with a blank back and sealed in a nice holder with a certificate from the Topps trading card company letting you know they only made this one without a back. (woo.) I sold it for $8. I originally got it off of Ebay for more, but decided to not do the collection project I had in mind for it and ultimately was willing to take the loss just to get it out of my way.

My Childhood "Boy Cave" and Card Collection

I got this old picture of one of my bedrooms as a child. I spy a baseball card collection! Actually, there was probably basketball and maybe a sprinkle of football and hockey in there - baseball was always my main thing though.

Frank Thomas was my favorite player (followed by Cal Ripken Jr,.) I see a framed card plaque of his there above the shelf that holds my collection. I was a big fan of that plaque. Those tubs and boxes were full of cards, as was the binder. That blue contraption on the top right under my t-ball team photo was a player for talking baseball cards, those ones with lil mini-records on the back, can see the envelope that held them under the machine. Those magazines on the bottom of the shelf were mainly Becketts. I see a mini Minnesota Twins helmet. My first baseball card that I recall getting was a 1982 Topps Kent Hrbek card and thus he was one of my first favorite players and they were one of my favorite teams too.

Other highlights aside from cards:
*I spy a lot o…

Pack Break RETAIL 2012 Topps Archives baseball

There was a dirty box of old packs of baseball cards for sale hidden in the back bottom corner of a shelf in Target. So, I bought a pack of 2012 Archives baseball and then opened them over a dirty bed with a dirty cat to help.

Nothing too exciting, obviously.

1. Ben Zorbist  #132
2. Matt Cain #181
3. Dan Haren #25
4. Reggie Jackson #75
5. Evan Longoria #127
6. Nolan Ryan REPRINT (odds 1 in 4 packs) #712
7. Felix Hernandez #153
8. Grady Sizemore #48
9. Brandon Belt #99

I wanted the Brandon Belt card and I think the mixed retro designs are cool. However, the black border for the Belt card is too chipped along with white - boo.

Heath Hembree BGS 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Auto

Heath Hembree is pegged by some as a future closer for the San Francisco Giants. Right now his future is not driving up the prices of his baseball cards, however, so I picked up a relatively inexpensive BGS (Beckett) graded copy of one of his 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Autographed cards. It is a 9.5 grade with a 10 grade on the autograph.

Jonathan Murphy 2012 Draft Plates X2

Jonathan Murphy is a prospect in the Minnesota Twins system and is the younger brother of Daniel Murphy. I had two of his prospect printing plates from 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. He is a prospect that is not exactly on the radar yet in terms of value, thus he's a lottery ticket that needs to be held on to in order to pay off. I made some money on some other cards with a nice profit margin, thus decided to not hold these and just get them out of my way. I sold them for $8 a piece on Ebay. So, if he ever becomes a big deal, here's my record of having given them away at a steal!


Francisco Peguero For A Penny

Here is what a penny won me off of Ebay

2013 Heritage Francisco Peguero and Jean Machi RC card with the Venezuelan Black Back Parallel.

Dan Runzler Finest Blue RC Patch Auto Mailday!

What is cooler than finding an autographed out of only /25 baseball card of a player from your team for only $2.99?

2010 Finest Blue 18/25 Dan Runzler RC

Well, being able to pick up Joe Panik and a Brandon Belt autos for only a few bucks more each.

There are two Belts in the picture, I did not get a deal on the Marquee one per-say and it has a chipped back corner, but I felt like helping out a used car salesman looking for a quick buck and can't win and get perfection with them all.

Madison Bumgarner: WHITE WHALE In The Mail

I got my first "white whale." It hails from 2012 Topps Triple Threads. (and Ebay)

It is one of the Madison Bumgarner "LEFTY HEAT" ones. "1/1". Autographed. Awesome stuff.

2012 Chrome Brandon Belt Red Refractors /25

Brandon Belt has been having a good spring training with the San Francisco Giants. I've got 2 of his 2012 Chrome Red Refractors, serial numbered out of 25. I would have three, but I guess the guy on Ebay did not want to let his go for how cheaply I got these two.

2013 Topps Series 1 Patch Cards: Trevor Bauer & Doc Gooden

When you buy Topps baseball cards, the base series, at a retail store ala blaster box of packs, you tend to be given an extra "patch" card. The cards are manufactured patches ala fake, not game used, and commemorate some event or player; whatever. In the past few years I have not been a fan of these cards. Generally the ones I pulled out where all chipped up and the patches boring. However, in 2013 Topps Series 1 I actually really like the patches. I still am not impressed by the regular commemorative patches, however the series of ROOKIE CARD Commemorative patches are very cool looking. I have also noticed the cards coming out of the packs in great condition!

Here is a picture of a Trevor Bauer commemorative patch and then next to it is a Dwight Gooden Rookie Card Commemorative patch. I pulled both of these out  of Target store blasters. They are not worth all too much , but 2013 patches were an improvement at least in the RC design. (and being cool is what matters not $ v…