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Nick Noonan: No Investment Needed

I have not heard the name Nick Noonan yet coming out of the San Francisco Giants camp with any thrilling or exciting news, however, he is there and vying for one of the backup infield jobs. As a prospect he started decent and then dropped off of the map in baseball card value. Therefore, as a Giants fan I was more than happy to pick up one of his autographs for next to nothing. Here's to nothing becoming something!

Bowman Sterling Prospect Auto

Not The Right Team BUT Andres Torres AUTO

Andres Torres was a great story and player to root for during the San Francisco Giants winning 2010 World Series run. He played with a  big heart and a long bat. (not an organ pun, the announcers were always pointing out he used an extra long bat.)

However, after a fairly dismal 2011 season Andres Torres was traded to the New York Mets and along with Ramon Ramirez for Angel Pagan. Angel Pagan paid off quite well for the Giants in helping them win the 2012 World Series.

The 2013 season is close to starting and Andres Torres has returned to the San Francisco Giants! Oddly enough, Ramon Ramirez is also back in their system!

When I quit collecting baseball cards and sold them off, I had a couple of Andres Torres autos, and in celebration of his quirky, fun return, I picked up an early one of his. He's not in the right uniform, but it is a ROOKIE Crusade one -

The Baseball Card Lottery Begins!

This is a blog to keep track of my thoughts and dealings in the world of BASEBALL CARDS! Opening packs of cards is akin to scratching off lottery tickets, though way more fun even when you do not win. Mmmmm the smell of new baseball cards. I'll talk trash about what products are stinkers and give praise to those I love and share some of the cards I pick up, along with pack and box breaks.