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Gary Brown 2010 Bowman Draft Printing Plate A Bye Bye

I sold my Gary Brown 2010 Bowman Draft prospect card 1 of 1 printing, he will now rebound and become an elite prospect once again! Gary Brown was the San Francisco Giants' number one prospect and there was some value to his baseball cards, however, a rough couple of seasons saw his card value drop. I bought this printing plate at somewhere around $20 if I recall. I won it in an Ebay auction and felt that it was indeed the current value for the wavering on "bust" status of the player. (Note: he'll rebound now and the values will skyrocket because I resold the card for $20.) I saw some other Gary Brown plates for sale from 2010 Bowman and at one time I thought I might piece together a few of them. However, the people that held them on Ebay at the time were after crazy people prices. I offered a few bucks more than what I paid for mine on one that was listed at like $999 on Ebay. They countered my offer at like $990 or something. Bah.

Here's a picture o…

A Cool Card I Once Had: Pablo Sandoval 2012 Triple Threads WHITE WHALE

Here is a Pablo Sandoval white whale I bought and then sold at a losss. It was my second white whale style printing plate/ patch/ autographed card to ever own, with the first being a Madison Bumgarner that I also eventually sold. This one I let go because I needed to make some cash to cover for another purchase I made, which I did by selling a video game on Ebay. However, the person never paid me for the video game so I sold the card just to make sure I was covered.

Pablo Sandoval hitting for the CYCLE was one of the most memorable moments from the San Francisco Giants dismal 2011 season. Well, positive moments that is. Buster Posey having his leg destroyed easily stands out as a negative one.

2013 Bowman Chrome Blaster Break: What A Homer

I never need a reminder as to why NOT to buy retail baseball cards. However, here and there, for some reason I throw away common sense and will grab a blaster box at Target; common sense and over $20.

I bought a single blaster box of 2013 Bowman Chrome. 1 autograph in every five boxes! Here's a blurry picture of the box.

The quality control at Topps must be about as focused as my picture is because the majority of the cards found within my sealed blaster were in poor condition. The "chrome" technology left open cracks/ breaks in the surfaces of the cards. There are "pits" in the surfaces of the cards and the edges of the cards are all rough enough that chunks flake off if you rub your finger along them.

You get 7 packs in the box plus 1 bonus pack.  So, you get 8 packs, one of them is plain silver foil as this picture shows.

The 3 cards inside of the plain pack were all X-fractor cards.

One of the better cards from the break was a Jose Fernandez base rookie …

Bye Bye To My 2013 Allen & Ginter's Madison Bumgarner Printing Plate

This was one of the coolest cards in my collection, but the same week that I sold the Marco Scutaro Hometown Currency card I let this one go as well. I originally won it at auction for around $27 if I recall, sold it for $35.

2013 Allen & Ginter's mini framed print plate of Madison Bumgarner for the color black.

Marco Scutaro 2013 Gypsy Queen Hometown Currency Card

I held this card in my collection for a bit:

A 2013 Gypsy Queen Hometown Currency card of Marco Scutaro. It was serial numbered out of 5 and featured within the card was a coin from Venezuela. It was a "keeper" but ran short of funds one week and sold it for some quick cash.

More Cool Cards I Had For A Brief Time: Bumgarner /50, Brandon LaFell Football plate/patch & More!

Here are some more cards that came into my posession, but did not linger long for one reason or another before I sold or traded them.

Madison Bumgarner Tristar Auto serial numbered out of 50. Even though I am a Madison Bumgarner collector of sorts, I let this go because I wanted funds for a card I judged superior.

Here is a football printing plate with a patch that I bid on not expecting to win on Ebay. It was a random "I'd like to see what that thing looks like in person purchase." It was a super cool card.

Here is a lot of four autographs that passed through my house around the same time. They include a Ken Griffey Sr., Kolten Wong, Andrew Cashner, and Dwight Smith Jr.

A graded Zack Cox card. He is featured as a Cardinals prospect, I think he is with the Marlins at the time of this posting, but don't quote me on that. A Gem Mint blue auto refractor.

And finally a dual auto card of Michael Choice and Grant Green:

Cool Cards I Had For A Brief Time: Yankees Prospects and Atomic Gary Brown ++

Here are some more cards that came to be in my possession and were sold or traded for one reason or another:

Gary Brown 2013 Bowman Platinum Atomic Refractor AUTO serial numbered 1/5.

Adam Jones 2013 Topps Tribute auto

Wil Myers and Christian Colon Dual Auto from 2011 ITG  - it had a stated print run of 1/1! ITG makes some cool looking cards, but for some sad reason the value isnt there due to lack of team logos.

Peter O'Brien and Austine Aune 2012 Bowman Sterling PURPLE dual auto serial numbered 09/10. Good grief it took me forever to get this one sold, tried to trade it to no avail and then in selling kept having non-paying bidders on Ebay.

 A quirky thing about the above card is in front of Aune on the bottom picture there is a red blob in front of him. It is not damage, but rather looks like a piece of something that just got into the picture and got outlined...or something. All of their dual autos from this series features that red blob.

Cool Cards I Had For A Brief Time: Yadier Molina, Cal Ripken Jr. and Frank Thomas

Here is a trio of cards I had in my possession at one point this year. Sold them. Cal Ripken Jr. BGS graded auto, Frank Thomas auto, and Yadier Molina with Victor Martinez dual auto.

Box Break: 2013 Allen & Ginter's Hobby Box

I opened a single hobby box of this:

I mean I really, really opened it! I was looking inside the box for hidden 1/1 cards that Topps snuck into the box luck.

The first thing I got in my 2013 Allen and Ginter's hobby box was a boxloader cabinet card. It's a really big card. Here's mine:
A big work of art right? It deserves to be put on a wall right next to a Farrah Fawcett poster:
Too bad I don't have any such poster or a free wall, guess I will just lose the cabinet card in a cabinet or something.

The HITS from the box were three game used cards that sell for about $3 or less if you sold them altogether on Ebay (ahem, before fees):

Those are Alex Gordon, Aroldis Chapman, and Michael Bourn. Here's some of the rest of what I got from the box:

RCs: Shelby Miller, Manny Machado, Anthony Rendon, Jurickson Profar

SPs: (cards numbered between 301-350 are short printed)
Brandon McCarthy #302
Darwin Barney #307
Hal Newhouser #316
Matt Kemp #319
Justin Morneau #…

Box Break: 10 Pack Extreme Value Repack from Target

I bought and opened one of these repackaged boxes of cards from Target with an advertised 40% of savings with 10 packs of baseball cards within:

Here is what I got!

1. 2003 Flair HOBBY PACK

Well, I got a base Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols...

2. 2012 Topps Series 1 Jumbo pack

Nothing exciting, here are the inserts that came out of it. Considering his being dropped into the minors by the Mariners and then suspended for PED connections, I'm not sure if Jesus Montero has a "Golden Future."

3. 2012 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Pack

Um, nothing to really speak of in this pack either. Here's the inserts:

4. 1989 Fleer

Sorry if the picture of the cards is blurry, my cat wouldn't hold still:

5. 2012 Topps Series 2

Nothing special to report from this pack either. However, Torii Hunter and Hank Conger seemed to have enjoyed me opening it:

6. 2012 Topps Series 1

Nothing of grand value was found within the above pack. However, the Golden Moments Frank Thomas insert was kind of cool, though…