Darkchylde CGC Comic Duo

At one point I was going to piece together a Darkchylde collection, but I had such issues getting the books to arrive thru the mail in good condition (Darchylde cases were cursed to get broken in transit) that I moved on to something else. However, here are a couple of Darkchylde CGC graded books I have sitting in my possesion currently.

The weirdness with the second one is it had a broken piece of plastic loose inside of the case (I don't see holes in the outside of the case), hung up and visible in the space above the book. It has vanished and I can't figure out where it went!

Bald(ing) Under The Baseball Cap

The fact that I had thinning hair came to my attention at some point during high school.  It may have been near the tail end of it or right after it.  My grandmother made the comment "he has thin hair just like J.W. did when he was young." J.W. being my bald grandpa.

Before that in school people did not make fun of my head for balding, they just stated it was a funny shape.  So, great, a funny shape AND balding head?!

It did not weigh on me or worry me and I went into my twenties less focused on balding and more focused on my hair style transition from someone who grew up parting their hair every day to embracing life with no part in the hair.  A girl I dated advised me to lose the "old grandpa" part and she helped me make it more of a messy, let it fall as it may style.  This worked great for me, no time wasted combing my hair!

As a manager at a fast food place I eventually got to where I would semi-comb my hair due to managers did not wear hats.  I met a new girl…

Baseball Rookie Card Vs Prospect Card

When I was growing up the Rookie Card meant something special. There were minor league cards, but they were considered an inferior product. These days a players first Bowman card seems to be the sought after card and prospect cards hold more importance to many than a RC.

I can't change my mindset from when I was a kid. I still prefer a nice RC. :)

Blaster Break: 2015 Panini Contenders Baseball

A blaster box from a Target store discount section. At $14.99 I figured why not see what the two autographs inside of the box would be.

2015 Panini Contenders Baseball, 42 cards per blaster, two autographs per blaster. They are sticker autos as ye shall see. I'll check the base cards later and if something amazing was overlooked I'll post some of that, but otherwise, here's just the two autograph hits

Brandon Lowe & Jake Woodford

Video Game Collection: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 out of the box felt like a better initial experience than what I had with Destiny. The story campaign and missions were somewhat more fun, with the environment of the sixth level specifically being memorable to me because of the crawling through dark air ducts and such started to make me feel like I was in an Alien movie. Well, the truth be told, it made me wish I was playing a new Dead Space game instead.

The gameplay is a fun burst of what I would call  "arcade" shooter in terms of quick paced blasting. Overall, it is mindless to me, which can be a good thing, but doesn't have long term attention holding power. Most of the game is really just too easy.

The more difficult aspects of the game are generally designed to be tackled with a team of other players and I don't know enough people online to ever have fun with those modes and events. If you're a lone wolf game player you're going to feel left out on chunks of what Destiny 2 has to offer.

The m…

Movie Collection: L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential is a 1997 crime movie set in '50s Hollywood. Directed by Curtis Hanson, who took screenplay credit along with Brian Helgeland, the movie's roots grow from the novel of the same name authored by James Ellroy.

The movie was nominated for 9 Oscars and won two: Kim Basinger for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and then Best Screenplay based on previously produced or published material for Hegeland and Hanson

L.A. Confidential for me is a movie that still holds up enough that I give it a four out of five stars on my Vudu digital movie watching app. If you've seen the movie several times, subsequent viewings may be more of a slow burn experience, but the punctuation marks of action and drama are all in the right spots to enjoy the payoff.

This is one of the rare movies that I can call "convoluted," and yet also say that they pulled it off in a satisfactory manner; all of the many parts connect in such a way that I found it worthy entertainment and bef…

Madison Bumgarner & Tim Hudson 2016 Chrome Printing Plate 1/1

This is the first baseball card that I have purchased in a while. I was drawn to it because the 2016 Topps Chrome Madison Bumgarner baseball card features a picture that says a lot in terms of story value to me. The card not only features Madison Bumgarner posing with a smile, but at his side is Tim Hudson.

2016 Topps Chrome #39 Madison Bumgarner 1 of 1 printing plate for the color Yellow

Tim Hudson's MLB career lasted for 17 seasons going from the Athletics, to the Braves, and then the Giants, with the first year of his two year contract in San Francisco seeing him earn his first ever World Series ring.

San Fran Giants pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson became good friends when they became teammates and in 2014 when the Giants were heading into the playoffs making Tim Hudson a World Series champion was stated to be on Bumgarner's list of priorities.

The series that year went all the way to game seven, which Tim Hudson started, making him the oldest pitcher in MLB histo…