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2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball cards come with what I think is a very cool idea of an item you can get: game used baseballs that an artist has drawn a MLB player's portrait on. Art on a baseball is a cool idea in general, but I think the authentication addition to these and potentially being able to track what game they are from makes them extra cool; if that is the case. 

Of course, there are only 87 boxes of this porduct being produced and you, uh, gotta be rich to buy one, so, yeah, neat, bummer.


Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball - THE PINNACLE OF HIGH-END COLLECTING - re-emerges in 2017 with 87 limited edition boxes.

Inspired by 1987 Topps Baseball, each hand-crafted wooden box will deliver an astounding number of premium collectibles.
- 1 Complete Set of Transcendent Icons Base Cards
- 1 Complete Set of Transcendent MLB Moments Sketch Card Reproductions
- 50 Transcendent Collection Autograph Cards
 - Every autograph will be sequentially numbered to 25 or less! NEW!

GTA Online Doomsday Heist Update Broke My Game?

In playing GTA Online after downloadng the new content/ Doomsday Heist update, here is how my session went:

1. Sourced a Stolen Car: I had to steal it from a traffic stop. I killed the two cops, got into the car, dialed Lester to get rid of my wanted level, then started to hit the gas and a cop car arrived, rammed me off of the road and sent me into a river, car destroyed, I never even took off from the spot where I stole it.

2. Sourced a Stolen Car: Followed Kuruma to hideout, killed gangsters there and stole the car with zero damage to it. The gangsters chasing me across town, not a far drive by any means, did $7,800+ damage to the vehicle by shooting it from behind. WTF.

3. Sourced a Stolen Car: Sourced the car, left my office to go get it, outside of office it directly gave me the stolen car was destroyed message without me even setting off to go and get it. I ran back into office to source another one, but had to wait, timed out. So,

4. Selling Crates From Warehouse: I went to se…

The Baseball Player Who Died Fighting North Korea

Bob Neighbors only played in seven MLB games, but in that span of time he grabbed two hits in eleven at bats including a home run at Fenway park.

Robert Otis Neighbors, born in Oklahoma in 1917, signed up to play some professional baseball in 1936.  His journey through the system landed him in those seven major league games in 1939 as a member of the St. Louis Browns.

In 1941 Neighbors suffered through the tragedy of losing his wife in a car accident.  It is said that he never really forgave himself for traveling on the road as a baseball player instead of being with her.  By 1942 he quit baseball and joined up with the United States Air Force.

He would later remarry and even played some more baseball, though a return to the sport in a professional capacity did not occur.

In 1952 Bob Neighbors took to the skies in the Korean War as a Douglas Invader pilot.  On August 8th of 1952, Bob and his crew would fly off on a night mission never to be seen again.  They reported that their craft …

Book Spotlight: The Card by Michael O'Keeffe and Teri Thompson

When it comes to baseball card collectors and reading, the first book I always think of it The Card.
If you are in the hobby of collecting trading cards this is a read that not only gives you some history, but might influence your opinions on certain hobby aspects like grading.

At the center of this book is the story of what is probably the most infamous and valuable baseball card ever: the T206 Honus Wagner aka The Holy Grail of Baseball Cards. Specifically, this tells you about the most famous version of the card ever sold and the sordid history behind how it was handled.

What is a Dodger? Where Did the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team Get Their Name?

What is a Dodger? When it comes to the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB baseball team, fans of the sport, whether a Dodger fan or not, may think the answer to this is common knowledge. However, as the Dodgers of 2017 play on the "grand stage" more eyes than regular fans are upon them and there may be some curiosity. I'll keep this short.

The Dodger franchise began in New York, specifically they were formed as the Brooklyn Grays in 1883. They eventually picked up the nickname "The Bridegrooms," and other assorted nicknames, but the one that ended up sticking was the "Trolley Dodgers."

The nickname Trolley Dodgers is said to stem from the dangers inherent to pedestrians in Brooklyn at the time in regards to trolley cars as a mode of transportation taking up the streets.  One might need to dodge a trolley should they not wish to get run over by it.

Eventually the team adopted this nickname as the official team name, shortening it to Dodgers, and thus, the Los Ang…

2017 World Series Game 2: Dodgers Vs Astros Vs Conspiracy Theory

2017 World Series Game 2: Dodgers Vs Astros:

It was an entertaining game, mainly because I was rooting for the Astros and they got the win. I see a lot of online applause for the game and how exciting it all was, etc.. There were a lot of HRs hit and in fact a record was set for the amount of HRs hit in extra innings I think I read.

As exciting as I agree that the game was, I could not help but have some negative thoughts about the action as it was going on. Maybe I am just a paranoid person when it comes to entertainment products.

The amount of HRs hit in 2017 went up a substantial amount and the changes made to the MLB baseballs has been the most popular theory for why the HRs are up. Some pitchers think it's why blisters on their hands are up as well.

Combine the baseballs being, to sound extreme, "juiced," along with all of the shenanigans I saw unfold this season via outside forces controlling game outcomes ala instant replay and umpire snafus, as I watched the back…