2018 Topps Chrome Baseball Card Ad Idea

Here is an idea for a 2018 Topps Chrome baseball commercial.

They can run with the line of: "2018 Topps Chrome, for birdies that like shiny things."

And then there is a big, bearded fellow inside of a bird-style nest that is partially constructed out of Topps Chrome baseball cards that he has collected like a bird might collect shiny things or string and what-not.

Here is an artistic rendering (fine art) of what that might look like:

Topps, just have your ad people call my people, get this rolling.

Scott Blair Art Print Blind Bag Results

Artist Scott Blair is clearing out some of his convention poster inventory from the past years on Ebay. He set up a BLIND BAG sale where after purchase one gets: 5 11x17 Poster prints and 2 of his mini 5x7 prints. All signed.

I bought one.

As of this posting there are some more left: SCOTT BLAIR EBAY STORE

Below are the results of my blind bag/ grab bag/ the random goodies recieved

Netflix Reboots Lost In Space

Netflix released a sort-of trailer for their new "original" series take on the classic show Lost In Space. Danger Will Robinson!

The teaser is below, and doesn't really have all that much going on in it to get me too excited. HOWEVER, the premise and the idea of doing Lost In Space once again does in fact intrigue me. I'll be watching for it on April 13th 2018.

Red Sonja or Tank Girl?


Will Advertisers Ever Embrace Porn?

When it comes to the Internet, pornography is mainstream, even if it is still your mainstream "secret."

Advertisers do not want their products to become associated with pornographic materials for many reasons, most likely a general sense of morality is supposed to be in play, to cater to the nuclear family of 1950s images. Corporations and companies kind of pick and choose their morality plays though, right? I mean, lots of products sold to consumers over time are proven to be straight up poison and harmful. So, it seems kind of hypocritical to take a stance of caring over there, but not over here, etc..

When it comes to getting a blog or Youtube channel approved for ad revenue, the restrictions are tight,  and "adult" content is a major no-no that gets you flagged and takes away your ad generated pennies. Even if what you created isn't actually porn. 

Yet, the formula of what people are actually looking at on the Internet seems like a simple enough concept to …

Comic Mailday: Zombie Tramp #44 Variants

I got two copies of Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #44 today in the mail. Well, technically four copies as I have the pictured versions and then the RISQUE versions of the same comics.

These are a Tony Fleecs cover and then a Dan Mendoza variant cover. The cover with the birds, if you are someone wandering if the risque version is all that different from the non, the answer is: no. They are just short of being the exact same cover in my opinion.


He-Man and Skeletor Do Dirty Dancing

A commercial for something called Money Supermarket had some fun with the chraatcers of He-man and Skeletor. I don't have much to say about it, the spot really speaks for itself. The song won the Oscar for Best Original Song 1987. :)